Composite Horoscopes MP3


The composite horoscope between two individuals is not “real” in the sense of solar system planetary positions, but is the meeting place between two individual horoscopes. In that meeting place is the mystery of the Relationship as the third entity birthed by two people. The composite chart exists the moment that the younger person of the two is born, but is enlivened, given life, and births when the two people meet. Their relationship is both a container for the two people, and can be a support system during times of difficulty for one or both people OR it can itself be undergoing transits and progressions that “cause” the relationship to undergo its own issues, needs and demands. This is an ideal way of working with couples of any kind – giving them the perspective that illuminates who is doing what and in what context! Many relationships have made it through tough times by gaining perspective through their charts and their Relationship chart. 1992, 80 min. MP3 Format.


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