Uranus: The Witness MP3


In this seminar, Erin delves into the mythic origins of Uranus, its sighting, and the social/global changes its appearance brought to the world, the collective, and thus the individual. Erin talks about Uranus as a deeply personal realm of the the psyche. The outer planets are not “transcendent” nor are they “transpersonal”. They are trans-Saturnian, which means that individuals and the collective are very deeply and personally engaged with them as processes of individuation. The more we experience Uranus as a process and not an event, the more we gain in personal individuality. It is in the “comparison” of one with another, that we can define ourselves as being unique, different, distinct and thus, we are dealing with a profoundly personal area of our life. The astrology of Uranus bears this out, and the archetypal and mythic origins are as alive today as ever. Erin covers Natal, Transiting, Retrograde and Aspects to/from Uranus and how we “witness” our own behavior from the detached observer in our own psyche! Awaken to your newly discovered and innovative self via the agency of the shock/revolution/transformation and ultimate liberation of Uranus. Recorded for the Southwest Contemporary Astrology diploma course. Tucson, AZ, US 2001. Approx. 4.5 hours.


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