The Justice of Zeus – Jupiter’s Morality MP3


For a unique and well grounded view of Jupiter, this lecture tells the whole story of Jupiter as his mythology describes. Not the “great benefic” as is commonly touted, but a severe, stern, primal sky-god who is a war lord and a true deliverer of higher justice. Jupiter is not always the “gift” as people are often told. Jupiter’s gifts are one’s “just deserts” . . . Jupiter in transit can bring serious results to unethical or unjust individuals / situations. His greatest anger brings “hubris” – which means that one has over-extended their mortal limits, believing themselves to be a god of some kind, and the retribution of hubris, of Zeus, is to “take their wits away” (ate – “at-ay” in ancient Greek). We see examples of this in daily life, and particularly in public figures, politicians, people of the law, when they overstep their bounds. Jupiter keeps watch. He is also very kind to strangers, travelers and those in transition. . . as long as they don’t overstep their mortality/Fate, and offend his natural laws! A new look at Jupiter! 70 min. MP3 Format.

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