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Three Semesters (Modules)
18-2hr classes:  A Full course in professional applied practice of astrology – a Total of 36 hours of Teachings

With an option for Full Certification*


  • Each Module separately:   $180 US  
  • All Three Modules – the entire Course:  $445 US
    PURCHASE THE WHOLE COURSE, FOR SELF-DIRECTED STUDY, at your own pace, AND RECEIVE EACH OF THE mv4 audio/visuals for all 3 Modules as a package . . . a total of 36 hours of teachings. 

Certification project: for Full Certification is $350 extra – paid at time of commitment

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The tuition fee/s comprise all the audio/visual on screen with full illustration and lecture and all PDF’s   and handouts for each class. Appropriate reading lists for leading and significant astrology, psychology, mythology books.   n.b  DOWNLOADING YOUR COURSE IS WELL DEFINED – THERE IS  NO CONFUSION – it is well instructed and easy to do !  

An Introduction from Erin


Erin Sullivan with coral backgroundHaving taught astrology for over 40 years, lectured at hundreds of conferences worldwide, founded many astrology groups and symposia, edited some of the finest minds in our generation of astrologers, written seven astrology books – now classics in our field – astrology is a living entity in my mind and heart. 

I founded the Southwest Contemporary Astrology school in 1998, in Tucson, Arizona, where students learned depth astrology over a period of three years, and emerged with a true sense of what astrology is and how versatile and integrated into all facets of the human experience. 

I had returned from London after a decade of being the Commissioning Editor for Penguin Arkana, and the Contemporary Astrology Series, tutoring for the Centre for Psychological Astrology and also the Zurich base of the CPA – and analyzing and working with clients and astrology. I traveled out from there to teach all over the world from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, to the middle east and of course, all over the UK.

I see my vocation and work as a whole system. That the constantly mobile solar system – never repeating itself – brings a tremendous capacity to understand, evaluate and consider the past, present and future in a useful and highly significant way. It involves all planets, all signs and all aspects of our astounding ‘home’ in the universe. Astrology is both rigorous in its application, and fluid in its action. This is why this Training Course, “Working With Astrology: The Principles and Applied Practice” is so unique.

The solar system is a family, a moving, evolving and never replicating – in its whole system – itself. As such, we can use the power of symbols, archetypes, myths and historical imagery to envision and use whole system astrology in myriad ways. From great Epochal Evolutions to our daily lives and the global picture, astrology is boundless.

This course of study, 18 two-hour classes, made up of three modules or semesters, is taught in an organized but organic fashion; the modules are fixed and focused while the classes are more fluid within the subject matter. Rather like nature and humanity. 

This is an excellent method of learning and absorbing vast amounts of information both in subtle and solid ways. Each of the modules, along with recommended reading, slowly increases one’s grasp on the knowledge of practical, archetypal and psychological astrology.

I recorded the classes live online, with real students . . . they are taught in ‘real time’ and available here to you both visually (as streaming video) and in audio format with PDF handouts as used in the classes. So it is ‘being there’ as you learn.




  • “Working With Astrology”   Article.docx  – Introductory Article
  • SOLAR SYSTEM INDIVIDUATION   – mp3   the solar system planets from the sun through Pluto with the mythic, archetypal and psychological pattern evolutionary growth.
  • Recommended Reading List For ONLINE COURSE.docx
  • Recommended Reading #2.docx   


SEMESTER 1 – FOUNDATIONS – A new look at Planets    Signs   Houses

Class 1  OPENING LECTURE: Astrology: Thinking Magically and Critically

Class 2  HOUSES:  As Circuits of Development (4 handouts)

  • Self Realization Circuit PDF.pdf .pdf
  • Self Actualization Circuit PDF.pdf
  • Self Expression Circuit pdf .pdf
  • Diagram Houses, Planets Signs.pdf
  • Example Horoscope

Class 3  PLANETS :      The primary gods who embody the archetypes of the planets . . . their origins and offspring
(1 handout, the Theogony) 

Class 4 – Aspects: Classical  – the “Ptolemaic” aspects in the horoscope  (6 handouts) 

  • ZodiacalDiagramAspectsSimple.jpg
  • Classic (Ptolemaic) Aspects.pdf  – conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, quincunxes
  • Aspects- Phase Evolution from conjunction to opposition and back to conjunction.pdf
  • Blank Wheel Blue.pdf
  • Marsilio Ficino – floral old style (Warnok website)
  • Marsilio Ficino – Natal Contemporary Horoscope – early Renaissance Philosopher, Physician, Alchemist, Astrologer . . . great example chart!

Class 5 – Aspects:  Complex Configurations:  Grand Cross and T-square (modes) Grand Trines (elements); Yod (and the generational Yods), Kite (Grand Trine with an opposition from one of its planets . . .  
Complex Configurations.pdf    (1 handout)

(modules may be purchased separately, or all three together as a package)

SEMESTER 2 – WORKING WITH ASTROLOGY: Natal Horoscope Interpretation

Sourcing complexes, getting to core issues, gifts, talents and the psychological use of astrology in working with clients. Depth client-work

Class 1 – Case Study of Neptune Rising:  overcoming and transforming a difficult life  (2 handouts)

  • Arthur Roberts Aspects and Dominant Rulerships.docx
  • Example Arthurs horoscope.pdf

Class 2 – Ram Das:  Fierce Grace under fire:    (3 handouts)

  • RamDassProgsStroked.jpg
  • Richard Alpert Natal and Notes.pdf
  • Richard Alpert NOTES.pdf

    Class 3 – Working with the tools we have been studying:   (4 handouts)

    • NOTES for Linda’s horoscope study.docx
    • Linda’s Natal Horscope.pdf
    • Linda’s Chart w Notes on it.pdf
    • Focal Points for and in Linda’s Chart.pdf

    Class 4 – A complex woman with a creative and complex filled chart . . .   (3 handouts)

    • Artemis Complex Configurations Major Configs Diagrams .pdf
    • Artemis Natal Horoscope.pdf
    • Complex Aspects NOTES Artemis .pdf

    Class 5  – Standing ovation Artemis: depth study including family dynamics and inherited traits        (4 handouts)

    • Families BIG PICTURE Diagram.pdf
    • ARTEMIS 2 A deeper look & Broader View.docx
    • Complex Aspects NOTES Artemis.pdf   (repeat from Class 4)
    • Artemis Natal Hroscope.pdf  (repeat from Class 4)

    Class 6 – Encore Artemis – deeper and deeper into the core   (3 handouts)

    • Psychological Complexes and Astrological Patterns.docx 
    • Artemis Chart Example.pdf (repeat)
    • Artemis Complex Configurations Major Configs Diagrams.pdf  (repeat)

    Class 7 – The dark side of the soul: The Irruption of a Global Psychosis

    This case study was held a couple of days after the opening of “The Dark Knight Rises”, the Bat Man film where James Holmes dressed as a Swat Team, opened fire on the audience, killing many and wounding many . . . Aristotle taught that theatre was a katharsis, where the Greeks went to the Theatre Dionysos in Athens to secondarily experience 1. Tragedy, 2. Comedy  3. Satyr Play.  This is also Hitchcock’s philosophy.  However this event really affected many, and not only in the USA. . . the archetypal  play-put of the astrology is perfect.  And, yes, his is a dark soul to look at, but to be a good “doctor” we must study pathology:

    • A series of Questions on the use of the Solar Chart for James Holmes example July 25, 2012
    • Holmes small chart class.jpg
    • Holmes – arsenal full June 7-12-signed.pdf
    • Natal & Transits of Shooting BiWheel July 20-12-signed.pdf
    • Holmes full arsenal biwheel.jpg
    • Holmes Natal Transits Secondary Progressions Drawn in Chart.pdf

     (modules may be purchased separately, or all three together as a package)

    SEMESTER 3:  TRANSITS – Movement in the Horoscope: The Quality of the Times and Trends Ahead

    Class 1 – A Very Important Person:   The Dalai Lama and his Heroic Journey

    • TRANSITS 4 pages of NOTES
    • Dalai-Lama Correct “A” DATA.jpg
    • Dalai Lama Enthronement Chart-signed.pdf
    • Asylum to India Natal Transits 2 charts_NEW-signed.pdf
    • Dalai Lama 2009 – 2011 Crisis in Consciousness
    • Crisis in Consciousness and Renewal horoscope w transits and Progressions 2009 to 2012.pdf
    • Dalai Lama Notes Timeline on Major Events
    • Dalai Lama Natal w major configurations and midpoints signed.pdf
    • Heroic Journey Diagram Full Page SIGNED.pdf
    • The  Dalai Lama’s Personal Heroic Journey-signed.pdf

    Class 2 – URANUS:  Seeing something you have never seen before – interpretationBuy

    • Uranus Discovery Chart.pdf  – here we look at the ‘katarch’ of Uranus, the sighting of it and how that chart describes Uranus’ ‘intention’ and meaning in our lives.   The 11th house and the New Rulership!
    • Uranus Transits from Aries to Cancer-signed.pdf
    • UranusNeptunePluto1.jpg

    Class 3 – NEPTUNE & PLUTO:  The beginning of the Spiritual Quest and the Nuclear Age

    • Neptune Discovery Chart.pdf – here we look at the ‘katarch’ of Neptune and its horoscope. Again, the moment of discovery describes how Neptune plays out as an archetype . . . the 12th house and the New Ruler ship!
    • Neptune From April 2011 to Feb 2026-signed.pdf  – Full transit of Neptune in Pisces
    • Pluto Discovery Chart.pdf – again, the sighting of Pluto changed the world, and as it transits our chart, it also is associated with massive changes in your worldview, and in your world around you . . . the 8th house and the New Rulership!
    • Pluto transit Jan 2008 to Jan 2023-signed.pdf  – Full Transit of Pluto in Capricorn
    • Reality of Neptune Lost.jpg   – Chart of the time of “losing Neptune” in the class video!
    • A list of the Uranus/Pluto Square between 2011 to 2018 –  this list shows the length of the Uranus/Pluto square, which is the longest and most multiple of perfect aspects between the two planets.  Perfect for understanding your own experience of overhaul, change and metamorphosis

    Class 4 – The links between the Olympian and Titanic:  A father / son story.  We see the needs for continually overcoming our own restrictions, and renewing our beliefs . . .

    • Heroic Journey Cycle in its developmental sequences.jpg

    Class 5 – PowerPoint imagery of the Outer planets (Mars through Pluto) and their transits and retrograde cycles.

    Class 6  – Case Study: An archetypal life, and a dedicated seeker:  a man of many gifts, and talents . . . and challenges met.  Born in the 1966 famous Saturn/Chiron in opposition to Uranus, Pluto, Mars (and retrograde in his case)

    Generational and personal issues are highlighted  . . . Working with TRANSITS as he undergoes numerous changes . . ..

    • Environmental Lawyer Case-signed.pdf
    • SolarSystemDiagColor100.jpg
    • GeoCentricCut of Planets.jpg