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  • The Hidden Horoscope:  Midpoints Made Easy and Revealing!  :   Part 1 and 2 Powerpoint Webinar

Midpoints are a key to various unseen combinations – meeting places of planets and their degree. As well as planets that are conjunct the midpoint between two or more natal planets.  Erin keyword's every planet – and how to find their relevant midpoints (if there any) quickly in your horoscope and apply them immediately. Midpoints are the hidden  “conjunctions” in the natal, or progressed, or event-charts!   Midpoints answer question’s that are not recognized in the surface of the natal chart/s along! Four hours of teaching! Two sequential classes for a total of four hours of Erin's insightful teaching.

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The Hidden Horoscope: Midpoints Made Easy and Revealing! : Part 1 and 2 Powerpoint Webinar

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Video: Astrology Mythology and the Psyche

3-set DVD Series

by Erin Sullivan

Video 1: Signs of Life: The Signs

In this visually enhanced video, Erin introduces the astrological signs, explaining the archtypes of each zodiac sign. She explores the mythological background of each sign and their expression in the personality and inner experience of people. Paintings from the Book of Hours, graphics from the medieval period and Roman mosaics are used to depict the signs of the zodiac.

Video 2: The Gods Within: The Planets

From the Sun through Pluto, the planets in our solar system are deeply explored in this second video of the series. Again, drawing on her classical knowledge of myth, Erin explains the planetary agencies and their deeper meaning in astrology and the psyche -- both in the individual experience and in the world around us. NASA space shots illustrate the planets, along with music and illustrations and highly creative visuals, creating a masterpiece of art and science.

Video 3: Cycles of Development: The Houses

The 12 houses of the horoscope are delved into on many levels. She explores the human experience in both the inner and worldly realms, adding a dimension to the planets and signs which shows where we encounter specific aspects of our human experience, such as family, children, partners, self-worth and so forth. The astrological houses are the realms of individual experience. With clear graphics by Erin and further enhanced by other visuals, this video completes the set.

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