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Venus and Jupiter

Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation
As reviewed in Dell Horoscope.

One of the most exciting astrological innovations over the last few decades has been the development of AstroCartoGraphy. Based on the recognition that planets near the horoscope's angles dominate the chart, AstroCartoGraphy (A*C*G) maps reflect the locations around the world where specific planets would be angular. These locations appear as lines on the global map, and describe planetary influences according to the projected horoscope. Jim Lewis first popularized AstroCartoGraphy with the notion that you can change your fortune by changing your location. Looking for love? Move to where a Venus line is angular. Want to become famous? Your Sun line shows where this becomes possible.

Astrologer Erin Sullivan's practice has taken her all over the world, and so she naturally investigated relocation astrology by using ACG maps. In 1997 she gave a seminar about what she has learned, and now these lectures have been published under the title Where in the World? Sullivan's expertise in relocation themes mixes well with her knowledge-base in other astrological areas. Intermediate to advanced astrologers will be entertained and educated by the material presented here, and come away with a new respect for the art of interpretation according to location.

The first half of Where in the World is devoted to explaining the techniques and delineating the effects of the individual planets. One of the most important concepts is the idea of mundane squares, known as parans. For example, even if you don't have Sun - Jupiter aspect in your natal horoscope, somewhere on the globe your Sun line intersects with your Jupiter line, creating a specific location where you may experience the effects of a Sun-Jupiter combination. The Sun-Jupiter influence is particularly fortunate, and one may find success an material blessings here, or possibly the meaning of life or at least a better understanding of one's personal mission.

Other fascinating concepts are sprinkled throughout the pages. Most notably, readers are introduced to how transits and progressions can be mapped (known as Cyclo*Carto*Graphy or C*C*G), and how to rectify a horoscope using A*C*G. As an example of rectification, Sullivan investigates Princess Diana's competing horoscopes, concluding that the Libra Rising chart is most accurate. Another significant concept explained is the shadowed planet. An example of this would be Mars in the horoscope of serial killer Andrew Cunanan. In an amazing demonstration of the accuracy of A*C*G maps, Cunanan first killed when he left his comfortable Moon line in California and moved under a Mars influence in Milwaukee. His murder spree followed precisely his Mars line extending through Chicago and Minneapolis, and culminating in Florida where he killed designer Gianni Versace, and then finally himself.

The second half of Where in the World gets into individual cases. What actually happens when someone relocates to a Pluto line? Sigmund Freud's chart is explored, with discussion centering around his angular Pluto. Audience members share their stories, with Sullivan providing psychological and astrological insights. Solar returns, progressed lunations, and other interpretive techniques are used when looking at relocated planets. Readers will undoubtedly have many "Aha!" experiences while following along the amazing examples from public and CPA student's A*C*G and then to their actual relocation horoscopes.