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Peter Pan in Midlife, and The Midlife of America

by Erin Sullivan

Peter Pan by Erin Sullivan In 1992 Jim Lewis had a manuscript too “hot” to publish. In 2002 not only is it an historical tour de force but also eerily current and completely relevant to the crisis that the US and the world now enacts. With the second generation Bush at the helm of the Great Ship US, the prophetic profundity of Jim Lewis' work has come about - this is no outdated raving of the lunatic fringe, but a coherent and touching personal history as it is a remarkable tale of collective growth. His fascination with Jung's work, the archetypes of individual and collective unconscious, his astrological brilliance, and his ability to articulate the impossible is here - all in Peter Pan in Midlife.  Read Reviews

PDF download format. In color, can be printed and spiral bound.

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