Professional Credits

Erin Sullivan – Books in Print and in Translation


1. Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body and Soul

First printing in English with Arkana, CAS, Penguin Books. London. 1990.
Then, to Samuel Weiser Books. York Beach Maine. 2000. *Best Seller 2000/2001German: Saturn im Transit: Profung for Korper, Seele und Geist. Knaur. Berlin. 1992.Portuguese: Saturno in Transito. Editora Siciliano. Sao Paulo. Brazil. 1992.

French: Saturne en Transit. Fronti&es de 1’espirit, de 1’~Lme et du corps. Encre. Collection Bleu Celeste. ARYS Press. Paris. 1996

Hungarian: Szaturnusz Tanításai.  Édisvíz Kiadó.  Budapest, Hungary.  2002.

Russian: (In progress through RedWheel•Weiser Books – November 2007)

2. Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape

First printing in English with Arkana, CAS, Penguin Books. London. 1992. Now with Weiser Books, 2000.

German: Rucklaufigen Planeten: Aufbruch in die innere Landschaft. Edition Astrodata. Wettswill, Switzerland. 1993

Spanish: Los Planetas los Retrogrados. Un Recorrido por Nuestro Paisaje Interior. Ediciones Urano. S.A. Barcelona, Spain. 1994

India: In the English Language. Published by Motilal Banarsidass Publishers. Delh 2002

Bulgarian:  (Through RedWheel*Weiser) Sept. 2006)


3. Dynasty: The Astrology of Family Dynamics

(First published in English with Arkana, CAS, Penguin Books. London 1996.  (Best Seller in 2002/ featured in Writers Guidelines Edition)

Then to Samuel Weiser Books. York Beach Maine. 2000. Re-titled: The Astrology of Family Dynamics.

German: Astrologische Familiendyanamik: Eltern, Kinder und Generationen im
Horoskop. Edition Astrodata. Wettswill. Switzerland. 1997

Hungarian: Édisvíz Kiadó.  In translation progress.  Pub date: late 2004

Bulgarian: Aratron Publishing.  In translation progress.  Publication date: late 2005.

4. The Astrology of Midlife and Aging

Tarcher, Penguin Group. New York.  May 2005.

German: Chiron Books. Germany.


5. Where in the World? Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation

CPA Press. London, UK. 1999.

German: ANGEWANDTE ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY: Planetenlinien und Oerswechsel astrologisch deuten. Chiron Verlag. Tubingen. 2002.


6. Venus and Jupiter: Bridging the Ideal and the Real.

CPA Press. London, UK. 1996.

Czech Republic: Venuse, Planeta lasky a Tvorivosti. by Erin Sullivanova Sagittarius Press. Prague.

 Venus Aphrodite: Planeet met twee gezichten. Symbolon, 1999.

German: Jupiter: Die innere Weisheit im Horoskop finden. Chiron Verlag. 1996. Mossingen, Germany.


Erin Sullivan – Publishing and Editorial Credits

  • Ecliptic Journal.  Editor from 1972 – 1989.  . . British Columbia Astrological Society Monthly Journal.
  • Commissioning and Senior Series Editor for the Contemporary Astrology Series, Arkana, Penguin.  London.  1989 – 1998.
  • ISAR International Astrologers’ Journal:   Regular Book Review column, called “The Bibliophile” (2003 to 2010). Award winning column for the IA Journal at UAC Denver, 2008

With the Contemporary Astrology Series:

  • Working With Astrology.  Charles Harvey and Michael Harding.
  • Hymns to the Ancient Gods.  Michael Harding
  • Chiron: The Healing Journey.  Melanie Reinhart.
  • Crossing the Threshold: The Astrology of Dreams.  Linda Reid.
  • The Sibling Constellation. Brian Clark
  • The God Between: Mercury.  Freda Edis
  • The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy.  Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving.
  • From the Omens of Babylon: Astrology an Ancient Mesopotamia.  Michael Baigent.
  • The Moment of Astrology.  Geoffrey Cornelius.
  • Neo-Astrology: A Copernican Revolution.  Michel Gaquelin.
  • The Revised Waite’s  Compendium of Natal Astrology.  Alan Candlish.

Other Editorial Credits ad hoc:  

  • Rulers of the Horoscope.  Alan Oken.  Crossing Press.  Freedom, CA.  2000.  ( Hired by Crossing Press).
  • Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment.  Adrian Ross Duncan.  Weiser Books.  York Beach.  Maine.  2002.  (Author hired me to edit book, I got it into Weiser)
  • Peter Pan in Midlife – and the midlife of america.  Jim Lewis.  SCA Press.  2002.

Journalism/Trade Journals/Newspapers

  • 86 revue PROSTOR (“the spice”). Spolencnost, politika, kultura, umeni. Editor Petr Lisy. 2010. A Czech Republic intellectual review journal of leading edge psychology, political, intellectual and metaphysical authors . . . Featured – an excerpt from the Czech edition of Venuse: Planeta lasky a tvorivosti, along with authors in translation, Richard Tarnas, Brian Swimme, Jan Urban, et al.
  • Regular Columns for Fate Magazine.  Tokyo, Japan.
  • Feature articles in Gnosis, Magical Blend, and ALL astrology trade Journals over the last 40 years of work.
  • Twice Interviewed in “The Mountain Astrologer”
  • Many articles for “The Mountain Astrologer”
  • Several feature articles for the Astrological Association of Great Britain Journal