Working With Astrology – MODULE 3


MODULE 3: TRANSITS and CYCLES – Techniques in Timing: Movement and Action in the Horoscope

  • Here we focus on advising clients on their past, current and future trends – analyzing and giving insight to timing and trends both psychological and pragmatic. We move from the dramatic and poignant case study, H.H. the Dalai Llama, and his transits at critical turning points and his Personal Heroic Journey with his Saturn Transit.
  • We look at the Mars and Jupiter cycles, introducing retrograde motion
  • Saturn and the Personal Heroic Journey
  • Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are explored as both personal and global transits; and their discovery charts as a lead-in to the ‘intent’ and the agency that each of these powerful planets contain.

Class 1 – A Very Important Person: The Dalai Lama and his Heroic Journey

Class 2 – URANUS: Seeing something you have never seen before – interpretation

Class 3 – NEPTUNE & PLUTO: The beginning of the Spiritual Quest and the Nuclear Age

Class 4 – The links between the Olympian and Titanic: A father / son story. We see the needs for continually overcoming our own restrictions, and renewing our beliefs

Class 5 – PowerPoint imagery of the Outer planets (Mars through Pluto) and their transits and retrograde cycles.

Class 6 – Case Study: An archetypal life, and a dedicated seeker: a man of many gifts, and talents . . . and challenges met. Born in the 1966 famous Saturn/Chiron in opposition to Uranus, Pluto, Mars (and retrograde in his case). Generational and personal issues are highlighted . . . Working with TRANSITS as he undergoes numerous changes.

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