Working With Astrology – MODULE 1


MODULE 1 – FOUNDATIONS in ASTROLOGY – The Whole System Approach

This package includes:

  • Planets – archetypal origins from the Classics
  • Signs – expression of being: Modalities
  • Houses – three cycles of development Cardinal Fixed and Mutable
  • Aspects – basic Ptolemaic aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, quincunx and opposition and back.

Complex Configurations – major aspects:  Grand Trines/Kites, Grand Cross/T-square, Yod are highlighted.
The module looks at planets signs and houses of the horoscope and develops a unique and useful understanding of the basic foundations in a deep and cyclic way. We also cover the complexity of aspects between planets in a way that is immediately useful.

Class 1 – OPENING LECTURE: Astrology: Thinking Magically and Critically

Class 2 – HOUSES: As Circuits of Development

Class 3 – PLANETS : The primary gods who embody the archetypes of the planets . . . their origins and offspring

Class 4 – Aspects: Classical – the “Ptolemaic” aspects in the horoscope

Class 5 – Aspects: Complex Configurations: Grand Cross and T-square (modes) Grand Trines (elements); Yod (and the generational Yods), Kite (Grand Trine with an opposition from one of its planets

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