Working With Astrology – FULL COURSE


Working with Astrology:
Principles and Practice of Contemporary Psychological Astrology

An online course in professional applied practice of astrology

This course is designed to deepen and broaden the student’s understanding of the principles, philosophy and practical application in astrology.  The focus is on counseling of clients in objective, caring and compassionate fashion.

Each of the three Modules (seventeen classes) will evolve toward gradual, increasing levels of understanding, interpretation and the practice of astrology.

This distance learning astrology course was recorded live and presented in 3 modules. Registered students will gain access to all audio and video of lectures and discussions, as well as printed material in pdf format.

  • MODULE 1 – FOUNDATIONS in ASTROLOGY: The Whole System Approach
  • MODULE 2 – SYNTHESIS of the HOROSCOPE: Astrology in the Helping Profession: Counseling and Analytic Practice
  • MODULE 3 – TRANSITS and CYCLES: Techniques in Timing: Movement and Action in the Horoscope

View the full curriculum details here.

34 hours, 17 classes. mp3 audio, streaming video, and pdf formats.

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