The Sighting of Outer Planets MP3


This 1999 lecture, recorded in Tucson, AZ, details the actual horoscopes of the outer planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The changes and high levels of innovation that each sighting “brought” to the world, is remarkable. Erin delineates the discovery charts along with their associated symbols and how they played out in the world . . . e.g.: Neptune was sighted in 1846 and three years later oil was struck, gas for lighting was developed, and spiritualism became an east-west attempt to unify philosophy and religion. Uranus’ sighting in 1781 synchronizes with the Industrial Revolution, the French and American Revolution, and is known for invention/revolution (and an invention had to be discovered in order to SEE Uranus!) A fascinating and socially/globally illuminating talk which gives both a collective and individual perspective. 75 minutes. MP3 Format.


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