The Planetary Archetypes MP3


From the “Learning Astrology” series on This 6-class workshop explores the planetary archetypes in detail, from the mythic and Jungian perspective that Erin Sullivan is known and loved for.
Class 1: Mythic Sun and solar archetype in the horoscope – our fire within
Class 2: Mythic Moon and lunar archetype in the horoscope – our deepest memory
Class 3:Mythic Mercury/Hermes and its archetypal expression in the horoscope – doors of perception and soul-mind
Class 4: Mythic Venus and Mars: the archetypal classical lovers/warriors, the rulers of creativity
Class 5: Mythic Jupiter and Saturn: archetypal puer and senex within. Socializing the Self. Working with limits/change/boundaries (Saturn) and “rules and dogma” (Jupiter). This lecture leads into the Outer Planets as “options in consciousness” and moving beyond the bounds of Saturn.
Class 6: Mythic Uranus/Neptune/Pluto – Super Consciousness . . . this mp3 is the continuation from #5, with profound imagery and interpretations – unique – of the outer planets and their natal and transiting effects as agencies for our personal consciousness development and individuation.

6.5 hours. MP3 DOWNLOAD. Suitable for beginners.

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