The Astrology of Family Dynamics Workshop MP3


Based on Erin Sullivan’s masterful and profound understanding of the astrology, psychology, archetypal underpinnings, dynastic lineage and levels of family interaction, this 5 hour seminar shows us how the family-of-origins is the base of all relating. Finding our familiars in life is how we find our unique tribal connections. See¬†“The Astrology of Family Dynamics”. This seminar is very personal and full of new developments in her work based on the 400+ page book! Includes lots of interesting participant feedback! Erin’s is the only book on Family Dynamics that engages all levels from the family of origins to the ancestral lineage . . . and how that is the foundation of our “being” and relating as we mature. From Professional to Intermediate (not to discourage beginners from good astrology foundations and interaction!). This workshop was presented for The Wisdom School in Santa Fe, NM, 2000. Professionally digitally recorded. 5 hrs. 20 min. MP3 Format.


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