Solar System Individuation MP3


Individuation means “becoming more of who you are” and, as such, means it is a work never ‘done’ . . . becoming increasingly more of who we are meant to be, is a co-operation between the deep Self – our unconscious and our conscious mind and the circumstances in which we find ourselves at various junctures and timing in our lives. Our Self ‘knows’ who we are meant to be, at the deepest level of our psyche . . . and, as we are urged forward, through our life, the horoscope is the perfect system to describe this mysterious process of self-creative becoming. The natal chart is the seed, and that seed becomes the growing being, Each planet acts as an agent of the psyche, and thus, our individuation process. You will understand more about the planets as well as your self from this workshop. 3 hrs. MP3 Format.


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