Report: Your Personal Heroic Journey


Report written by Erin Sullivan.

Only 1 report allowed per purchase – if you would like to purchase multiple reports, please make separate purchases.

Based on material in her best seller, Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body and Soul. The Saturn cycles of maturation from birth onward delineate your growth phases, life patterns and structures as they evolve – calling you to new horizons. This report is a 85+ page published personal book – everything you wanted to know about your natal Saturn and its transits through your chart through a lifetime.

Your Personal Heroic Journey report is sent by a large file sender called “SendSpace“,  so please check your spam box for that Subject Line . . . your reports are sent within 3-4 days.

You can save the report and read it on your computer at any time, or you can print out the pages if you’d like a hard copy! PDF format. Approx. 80 pages. *PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR REPORT WILL BE SENT SEPARATELY FROM YOUR CONFIRMATION.


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