Peter Pan in Midlife, and The Midlife of America


by Erin Sullivan

In 1992 Jim Lewis had a manuscript too “hot” to publish. In 2002 not only is it an historical tour de force but also eerily current and completely relevant to the crisis that the US and the world now enacts. With the second generation Bush at the helm of the Great Ship US, the prophetic profundity of Jim Lewis’ work has come about – this is no outdated raving of the lunatic fringe, but a coherent and touching personal history as it is a remarkable tale of collective growth. His fascination with Jung’s work, the archetypes of individual and collective unconscious, his astrological brilliance, and his ability to articulate the impossible is here – all in Peter Pan in Midlife.  Read Reviews

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What people are saying about Peter Pan:

1. In the words of Murray Stein, eminent author of the book, In Midlife:

“Jim Lewis has taken midlife public! This is an intriguing extension of psychological reflection from personal and individual matters to cultural and collective issues that affect us all. Lewis weaves a spellbinding and convincing theory.”

2. Jungian Analyst (London) and Franciscan Friar, Jude Hill writes:

“A prophet is one who straddles two camps. Not only does he stand in the here and now but also foreshadows the future. Prophets have never been popular people because what they see is rarely acceptable to a national generation of people do not want to hear. Without a doubt Jim Lewis was a great prophet and an eloquent communicator being both profound as well as wildly hilarious.”

“His personal revelations about his own grappling with midlife, and the midlife of America are gripping reading”

“He stood among the American people as one of them, and yet he saw the struggles they were and would face as they grappled with coming to adulthood.”

“Lewis’s work shows forth in an honest and clear way what will happen to the American people if they do not have the courage to ground the puer. In a prophetic way the collapse of the economy and the violence of the society today reflect these aspects of the puer that Lewis is trying to make the people confront. It is a book every American who is concerned about this nation should read and take to heart.”

Brother Jude Hill ssf (Franciscan Friar) PhD, DHP, DipAnalyPsy [London], DPsy Member of the United Kingdom Council on Psychotherapy Member of the Guild of Analytical Psychology & Spirituality Associate Member, Sandplay Therapists of America

3. Editor at the now historical journal, Gnosis, and present editor at Lindisfarne Publications/Anthropress, co-author of Hidden Wisdom, and author of Inner Christianity: As Guide to the Esoteric Tradition, Richard Smoley wrote about the unpublished manuscript:

“. . .the reader finds himself wanting to know how the author would feel about everything that has happened since then. . .”


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