Love, Creativity and the Stages of Life Workshop MP3


Take a journey through the stages of life with Erin Sullivan in this astrological intensive workshop recorded live in Australia. Life transits and key moments are explored through a practical and psychological framework, and with detailed astrological tools. Full of myth, archetypal imagery, depth analysis, astrological interpretations and humor – this excellent course also features Maggie Kerr, Erin’s colleague, of Universal Astrology. Great for Intermediate to professional astrologers – it is good to have a grip on the basics of astrology (signs, planets and houses) and horoscope concepts. This master-class is very exciting and at times hilarious, (Australians have a great sense of humor and the dark) but is rich and “raw” in exploring the depths of the soul, natally, and through transit timing. Inculdes class examples with birth-data and feedback. This Master Class was presented for Universal Astrology in Gold Coast, Australia, February 2008. 13.5 hours.


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