Cosmic Shamanism: The Advent of the Outer Planets MP3


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – in your chart and in the sky

As an introduction, we will have a brief look at the horoscopes for the sighting of each outer planet  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto  as portals to specific archetypal phenomena. Those phenomena being global change on all levels for human potential, and new horizons for individuals. The moments of their sighting are astounding horoscopes, descriptive of an intellectual innovation peak, thus I call it cosmic shamanism. I have attached the three charts for you to download and print, and bring to the seminar for reference if you like.

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Recorded in Santa Fe, August 2011.
The shaman is an agent for cathartic visionary experience. We have receptors in our brains which lie dormant, awaiting the time of new discoveries; the psyche “knows all” . . . both individually and in the global experience. When the long period of waiting and anticipation to (any) discovery is ended, and the moment of seeing something one has never seen beforearrives, it is associated with a guide, and a sequence of tectonic, molecular shifts in our being.

In the understanding of the context of the three outer planets in question, I will focus on each as an agent of our personal evolution and what its place in our horoscope is about. Aspects from the personal planets to outer planets give you a particular task, and show the way in which you are simultaneously inclined and ‘called’ to awaken to new horizons. They urge you to carry on a special conversation in your mind and heart, leading to greater understanding.

The outer planets in our own charts act as shamanic initiators to awakening our own consciousness to incorporate greater and greater amounts of information and knowledge. High peaks in innovation create a new frequency in the collective vibration  whole systems change and people “think differently.” Since we are all in the mix right now, and the calling for change is beyond dramatic, this is an ideal time to explore what these very personal planets mean to us.

The transits of the outer planets are the initiators into new realms of being; this is never truly comfortable, and for some it is the dark night of the soul . . . in the end it is about embodying something hitherto unknown, unseen, untried and “new,” though it has been with you always!

The consciousness of the collective has reached a synchrony where an individual “Eureka” occurs  the “moment of vision” the flash of awakening, of a single individual or team  who acts as the Hermes, the facilitator of the cosmic shamanic experience. The relationship with human experience, growth and exponential achievement is completely in harmony with the nature of the sighted planet.

Thus, the changes of the signs of all three outer planets and your own personal experience are what we will be working with on this day.

The Sighting of the Outer Planets

The high levels of innovation that each sighting “brought” to the world is remarkable. Erin delineates the discovery charts along with their associated symbols and how they played out in the world . . . e.g.: Uranus’ sighting in 1781 synchronizes with the Industrial Revolution, and with the French and American Revolutions, and is known for invention/revolution (and an invention had to be discovered in order to SEE Uranus!) Neptune was sighted in 1846, and three years later, oil was struck, gas for lighting was developed, and spiritualism became an east-west attempt to unify philosophy and religion. And, we all know what Pluto sighted in Cancer in 1930 is about! A fascinating and socially/globally illuminating talk which gives both a collective and an individual perspective.


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