Archetypal Psychological Astrology in Practice – MODULE 2


MODULE 2 – Interpreting the Horoscope.

Created for introductory Early Learners through experienced astrologers,  as full course on the Foundations of Archetypal Psychological Astrology


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THE CLASSES are all enhanced with rich power point presentations for which Erin is well known, and were recorded on GoToMeeting. The mv4’s are easily downloaded, and organized for you to create your own folder filing of the “Foundations of Archetypal Psychological Astrology in Practice” Course . . . thank you!  Each class leads to the next and each Module to the next.  Erin uses horoscopes from the classes (this is a “live” course), to show how we live our lives out in so many ways possible with particular examples – living the archetypal life in practical, fulfilling ways . . . working with difficult and graceful aspects.

  • Classes are 2.5 hours each   (*n.b. Module 1, Class 1 is a 4 hour seminar) Gods and Mortals:  Cosmos to Chaos – the Introduction to the foundational classical gods and their archetypal underpinning of the psyche and our planets in contemporary psychological astrology.


MODULE 2:  Interpreting the Horoscope

CLASS 1:   PLANETS, SIGNS AND HOUSES:  Circuits of Development
In this class we see the Planets, the Signs, and Houses as Circuits of Development in a totally UNIQUE fashion, one that synthesizes while individualizing each process:

This is an original and powerful organization of the house/planet/sign evolution that Erin has developed.  It is an astounding way of viewing the entire horoscope as an evolutionary process.  Each one of the four-phase development sequences of each of the Circuits is profoundly brought into clarity . . . It is a basis that is immediately insightful and applicable.  This method lies at the very foundations of our core being and relationship with our self and the world – both in and around us, and how we process “basic primary input” to our most socialized developmental processes:

1. The Self Realization Circuit:  Origins of Being – Cardinal/Angular Cross
 The Self Realization Circuit is embodied in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses, their natural rulers, Aries/Mars   Cancer/Moon   Libra/Venus

2. The Self-Actualization Circuit:  Individuation and Manifestation – Fixed/Succedent Cross
The Self Actualization Circuit is embodied in the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th houses, their natural rulers Taurus/Venus, Sun/Leo, Scorpio/Pluto (Mars overthrown!), Aquarius/Uranus  (Saturn overthrown!)

3.  The Self Expression Circuit:  Perception, Information, Beliefs – Mutable/Cadent Cross.

This natural circuit is embodied in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th houses . . . Gemini/Mercury, Virgo/Mercury, Sagittarius/Jupiter, Pisces/Neptune (Jupiter overthrown!)

We look at an amazing astrological psychological interpretation of the archetypal nature of the planets, their houses, their signs, their qualities and elements as they are – and then in our horoscope.  This class works with balance and integration, with meeting ourselves in the mirror of the chart and mediating opposites or internal conflict. Learn to be yourself within the structure of your own integrity.  Becoming more of who you meant to become is the function of individuation – allowing your Self (psyche seed self) to communicate to the container of Ego (“I am”) as it evolves, changes, and undergoes transformation.  Personal growth can be said to be based on the deepest inner urges from the core deep Self, the seed of you in evolution.  Self is the part of you who knows who you are to become.   Student Chart example/s used.  PDF handouts.

Erin introduces unique, powerful ways of discerning subtle differences in the various aspects.   There is a jockeying for position in our family of planets, and thus, we are always in flux, in motion, in the process of becoming.  We are never quite “there” . . . and our aspects are “planets in conversation”.  Some are arguing, some are ridged, some are brilliant, creative and others are suppressed or in denial . . . let’s look at as many ways of using the conversations well.

Looking at our planetary interactions in the horoscope as how we view the world from within our own self.  Aspects are looked at from various ways:  all the complex configurations (grand trines, T-square/grand cross, yods and all major complexes.  Primarily using the Ptolemaic aspects, the harmony of the spheres, from conjunction, sextile, square, trine to opposition and back again in phases, we will learn how to work with our own dramatic dynamics – and in that way, how to help ourselves and others gain confidence in working with both ‘hard’ and ‘mediating’ aspects in the natal horoscope.

CLASS 3:    PERSONAL EVOLUTION: On Living an Archetypal Life
Depth Interpretation of myriad – often contrary – expressions of the astrological signs and their houses: and all human experiences: the astrology of signs as motivators of expression, their houses as domains of experience, and the elements/modes will be explained in flowing context with each other. The power point imagery will be evident and explanatory. . Seeing the images of the circle of the zodiac, in harmony with houses and the foundational elements is visually active and imprints the images into your mind for recollection.  Drawing on and expanding the previous work done in the course, we get an advanced look at real charts, real people, and real lives.  E.g. how to be assertive not angry; how to be authentic and contained not subordinate; how to nurture yet not sacrifice and so forth . . . we look at using our self and charts in healthy ways.

* As exemplars of the work done in the previous classes, incorporating, synthesizing and interpreting Class Student horoscopes, we see how people “use” their aspects, houses, signs and planets in their life – personally, vocationally, emotionally, relationally – in all ways.


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