VENUS STATIONED and turned DIRECT on September 6th 2015 . . . and with it’s retrograde cycle,  came many other planetary stops, stations, motions and turns . . . 

AS OUR world turns, rotating on its axis and revolving around the hearth fire of our focus - the Sun - it is in perfect harmonic resonance with our entire family of planets 

IT IS as a Sufi turns and turns:

 “ . . . All is bliss, all is bliss  . . . “

   What need have I for this,

What need have I for that, 

I am dancing at the feet of my lord, 

All is bliss all is bliss! 

(translated from the Arabic depicted in this illustration)



Venus Stations Direct at 14° 23’ LEO as I write this late newsletter!

LAST MONTH I wrote about the Venus Station Retrograde, and its movement,  symbolism and balance between the Ideal and the Real . . . this last 42 days and nights leading to its station direct - forward motion - on September 6th has been in synchrony with other planetary “turnings” and far too many planetary conversations to keep up with!   

THE LAST 40 DAYS and nights  may not have felt like bliss for some.   If one hasn’t been in the transcendental state of a Sufi in his sequence of ritual turning and spinning and praising and moving in harmony with the spheres . . . however, it is a form of bliss to know the phases of our life are in perfect accord with the heavens.  

WITH THIS in mind, let’s see what to expect from the Station Direct of the turning of Venus (which actually does rotate retrograde on its axis, by the way!) as it moved back, back, back, stopped.

VENUS NOW  moves forward once again and retraces its steps, until October 9thwhen Venus will pass directly over the degree at which it went retrograde on July 25th  (0° Virgo).   Thus ending the Venus Retrograde cycle – but not the psychological and spiritual process engendered by that cycle!

WE ARE about to undergo the processing phase of what the last “forty days and forty nights” have been about, what they have brought to us, and to our consciousness.  

I HAVE been privy to some of the most moving and astounding stories from so many people about this particular Retrograde of Venus . . . it is a potent 40 days and nights during which this planet - our closest inner planet to earth - is in its retrograde phase.

THIS WAS a deeply significant Retrograde (though all of them are unique) in that it is the last time in centuries in which Venus will station in Virgo – in this cycle.   The next station retrograde, in this cycle, eight years from now, will station at 28 Leo, and then 8 years again, in 26 Leo and back through all the signs of the zodiac till it backs into Virgo again . . . Thus it will likely be in the same house in your horoscope, and will retrogress back in the same way . . .

IF YOU have done your homework from the last newsletter:  and looked back every 8 years, you will have come up with some deeply transformational process work . . . and seen an ‘evolutionary’ cycle within yourself.             

THIS VENUS retrograde through Leo, brought the archetype of Leo in myriad manifestations both in our psyche and in our environment.  

LEO HOLDS the “child archetype”,  the  ‘I am-ness’ of our identity, and also holds the ability to bring that core-self, the central raw base of our beingness as a person to manifestation in our personality.  It is the ‘risk’ we take with our primal/primary investment potential: our very Self.  Our Time, Love, Money, Energy and our quinta essentia (Venus/Taurus) our ‘quintessential beingness’ is our base investment potential . . . the sign LEO shows the many ways in which we will risk any of these to be creative.  Creativity is many things, it is not just art and music, arias and masterworks, and it is staying alive, and doing it consciously and to the best of our ability.

DURING THE retrograde phase some may have had dreams of the long past, and several dreams eerily precognitive . . . from the deep Self into the conscious mind  the dream irrupted – dramatizing actual circumstances that actually took place in your daily life.  The reasoning for this revisitation is clear:  you must address an old issue in a new way, one that is more balanced. That allows your better self to deal with whatever the core issue is, to evolve it one more stage forward.  It takes a lot of creativity (Leo) to ‘work’ these kinds of unconscious collusions with your conscious life.  And it takes a lot of grounding (Chthonic Venus) to embody your vision.

THE REFLECTION of the internal dialogue, the emergence from the past bringing surprising and even shocking revelations about one’s own naivety,  are part of the process of learning to discern  between the Ideal and the Real – and this you must interpret for yourself, how you personally experienced the balance and the teetering and the reclaiming of balance again, only to turn, like a dervish in a transcendental state . . . to see all aspects of the dream, the desire, the longing for perfection.

 Bridging the IDEAL and the REAL

 Venus Chthonia and the Bull  


Venus is a dual goddess, and in that she embodies the  earthy  Chthonic Taureanimage as well as the heavenly Uranian Libran image   

. . . we could say that our earthy self is “the Real” and the sophisticated self “the Ideal” . . . and Iris, the rainbow is the bridge from earth to heaven, from Venus Chthonia to Venus Urania

IF YOUR 40 days and nights in the desert, wandering between the Ideal and the Real, has brought to you a new strength to love the reality of your life and situation, while still owning the ideals that you strive for, that is the point.  There is no Ideal but in the Platonic world of shape and form.  The Real is much more interesting because it is an acceptance of limits and reach, how you reach your Ideal is to get real.  And you get to see it!

Being accepting of your perceived imperfections

Being confidant that you are actually really who you are

Being aware that you have choices in being who you really are

Being at one with the many – recognizing your capacity to embody anything and all things – in a creative fashion

Love your own self as you yourself would like to be loved  

Accepting the baseness of human nature, your own baseness and making it an alchemical process to work that primal core self into a creative result

Know the Ideal is just that . . . and accept that what is Real in your life actually originates in that very Ideal and is mutable

Know your values and keep them updated

Be distinct from others while in harmony with discord

Understand your part in all relationships most particularly the one with your Self

Practice re-sponding rather than re-acting.   To respond is to be in synchrony with the action, cooperative and graceful;  but to react is to have a primal, knee-jerk negative experience with no growth and awkward behaviors

Know creativity at its most primal, is simply staying alive and growing and changing and adapting in positive response

BRIDGING the Ideal and the Real is a work in progress, it is a situation that is in constant motion – it is like individuation, it is a work never done . . .  
Venus Shield©2005: Rebecca Martin