WELCOME TO LEO!   And, Venus Retrograde!


Venus Retrograde in Virgo back into Leo:

1. JULY 25  Srx @00º Virgo  - 30º+-  ahead of the sun, and is still visible but fading  as Venus Hesperos: “West”. . .  evening star

2. AUGUST 9th  @27º Leo - BECOMES INVISIBLE:  Venus is no longer visible in the western setting sky. "Disappears from view" ("backs into the Sun")

3. AUGUST 16th:  INFERIOR CONJUNCTION w/Sun   SU/VE @ 22º 39 Leo is the inferior conjunction and is not seen again until 10 days after, at Heliacal Rising When Venus is 10 degrees behind the sun.

4. AUGUST 19-20th:  @20º Leo - BECOMES VISIBLE again: Venus is at 'Heliacal rising' and has JUST begun to rise before sunrise, and then becomes the "light bearer" – visible to the eye but only for a very short time before sunrise - and is then increasingly visible before sunrise for about 3 - 4 months.

5. SEPT 6th:  @ 14º 23 Leo Station Direct Sd>, at which time it will appear again, in about 5-7 days, and slowly becomes highly visible for months ahead as Venus Phosphoros: “Light Bearer” . . . morning star.




Cycles of any kind - in particular astrological planetary cycles - are prescient. Each cycle of return both foretells the quality of the next cycle and reflects back on all previous cycles of the same type.  In this way, we can participate actively in our evolutionary growth and enhance our personal individuation cycles.

Thus the transit of Venus only stations Retrograde and Direct in five sectors or houses in your natal horoscope in your entire life. By tracking this cycle you will be illuminated to your core evolution of values, self worth, relationships and your philosophy and beliefs. In this you will gain insight to the most esoteric and exoteric aspects of your psyche.

Venus is always retrograde for 40 – 42 days in its cycle but encompassesmuch more time in its approach to Retrograde, its station retrograde, its station direct, and then its return to the place at which it did station retrograde.The numbers 5 and 72 are repeated in myriad ways in the Venus cycle. Over the 8 year period Venus forms a pentacle, a five-pointed star against the backdrop of the zodiac. Each of those points of the pentacle are 72º apart; it is also associated with the five petal lotus that forms a mandala against the backdrop of the zodiac;  the rose – the five petals of the rose symbolize  something sacred, arcane or secret, is “beneath the rose” - sub rosa – and originates from the Pythagorean Mystery School); theFibonacci sequence of numbers; the fractal; in short all of nature and the creativity of humanity with its five dactyls, the hand. 



Venus has a unique and very important cycle that can be tracked back through your life to see your evolution in specific stages:  every 8 years (less 2 days and 2 degrees) Venus stations retrograde in the same place in the zodiac, therefore in the same place in your own chart, and plants seeds deep in the psyche.

Keywords:  negotiation; reconciliation; reflection; acceptance; reception; recognition; integrity; diplomacy; mediation; tact; flexibility; give-and-take; heart-centered; balance; resolution; compromise; cooperation; conciliation; concession; reunion/reunification; appeasement; morals; ethics; ideals; principles; beliefs.

You will gain profound insight into specific patterns by tracking back exactly 8 years, and every 8 years back from this time now, until the first Venus Rx after your birth.  You will notice an evolutionary development that is directly linked to your sense of Self from the highest level of your philosophy and to the most significant spiritual and psychological progression of your of personal values, relationships and events associated with your core standards, and interactions with people with whom you are closely tied.

Your “homework” is based in this particular time on the Venus at 0º Virgo stationing retrograde, back to 14º Leo, and then direct again to pass back over the 0º Virgo point.  

In doing this personal project - reflecting back over your 8 year cycles - you will understand more about yourself, your relationships and the changes that will be occurring during the next few months. There is certain humility in this Venus Retrograde cycle – a new way of approaching dialogue and interaction with others. You will find that if you do press your opinions and attitudes without considering carefully, they may backfire on you.  

Venus Aphrodite: Dual Goddess
Bridging the Ideal and the Real


IN The Symposium, Socrates and other Greek philosophers gather to drink and discuss “Love: Eros and Aphrodite”.  It is determined that there are two Aphrodite’s:
THE higher form of love is Aphrodite Ourania, her father’s daughter, and inspiratrix of the love of wisdom: philosophy and the higher mind.  The other, “lesser” Aphrodite, is Venus Pandemos  - ‘of the people’, the goddess who was born from the union of Zeus and the goddess Dione.  Born of a union of the masculine and feminine. It is she presides over the love of sexuality, maternity, family and everyday man.
BRIDGING the Ideal and the Real is a life-work, being both idealistic and realistic births a solid creation, the idea is always the seed before the practical reality of any creation: a child, a book, a garden, a relationship. We are always in the fulcrum of the balance between the Ideal and the Real. 
HOW can you bring that divine union of Ideal and Real into being?  Ultimately we have both:  have the ‘sacred’ inspired feeling and the ‘profane’ or worldly shape it needs to be embodied in. You know instinctively this paradox exists and is reflected in the dual faces of Aphrodite/Venus.  
Aphrodite Ourania is her father’s daughter, parthenogenic, and born full blown from the semen of the castrated Ouranos, the primordial Heavens, by the sickle of the Titan Kronos, Ouranos and Gaia’s youngest son. She is the philosopher queen in this context.
WHEN our planet Venus is in its retrograde phase, she becomes that rare philosopher planet, Aphrodite Ourania. Our minds turn toward seeking a higher viewpoint on our lives and in this way; the recurring cycles can work toward bringing us closer to objectivity.
AND during the retrograde cycles, you will find that your relationships, especially from the past, become dominant in your mind. There are more chances of renewing old relationships, healing any rifts or separations during this forty day phase, and bring back to perspective what you might have done, and will not do again, we are meant to learn from our history; this Venus retrograde phase is about re-establishing a heart connection to those of our very long time friendships.
PEOPLE will emerge from the past to connect with you, there is a feeling of synchrony with current events linking back to eight years ago, and likely a pattern that will emerge if you do track back every eight years.
RELATIONSHIP evolution is always fluctuating, and this is a time when you will find that you have stepped further along in your integrity, your ability to be honest even if it hurts, and to be able to give more this time around.
WE are often ‘haunted’ by our pasts, and in this instance, it is more of a recollection than a haunting, a time to literally re-collect our true heart centre and integrate it more fully into our current relationships. 
IN this way, we grow and become more of who we really are, even if it means letting go of certain relationships, but with acceptance and grace.
MOST importantly, is about your relationship with your own self. Feeling our way through situations that are uncomfortable is the only real way to deal.   Trying to think your way through or out of a situation that is abstract will only isolate you – thus, your own Self may force you to just face the reality and not imagine some other scenario. 
THIS Venus retrograde cycle we are in now is a time of creative opportunity to go with grace and heart-centered passion toward the new, and to bridge the Ideal and the Real, ultimately leading you to yet another level of your ever evolving harmony and balance.