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IF YOU like things like New Moons exactly conjunct Mars there was a rather inflamed New Moon at 24d Gemini on June 16th. Well, give a few minutes of arc if one is very impatient, but this will do for me!  This intense new cycle has exacerbated the background noise with the planets Saturn square to Neptune . . . The major theme now has to do with work, our life work, and our job work, our vocation word and our being alive work. 

THESE past several (c.3) weeks  – while Mercury was retrograde in Gemini - have been an exceptional time of stories of intensity and Olympian feats of activity.   Lifting a plate may have felt like the weight of throwing the discus!  Getting a deal done and set, worked, but not until many versions were tried and tested, and found wanting, and then doing it again and yet again.  

MERCURY Retrograde gave it up on Friday, June 12th and now moves forward, becoming Promethean, and will lead the sun to rise.  We all are in are in for some big news - in a personal way.

OVER the next months it is time to embark on new more gratifying "work" . . . read “work” as a metaphor for living your life with greater impact and meaning.



Persephone Leading Sisyphus to Hades 

THE MYTH of Sisyphus is forever contemporary:  Albert Camus (an ironic philosopher), in his 1942 essay "The Myth of Sisyphus" not only saw him as personifying the absurdity of human life, but also Camus concludes saying,  "one must imagine Sisyphus happy"  . . . because, "The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart."

I TAKE THIS to mean:  We simply must see our rock as a great accomplishment.  We need to see it as a strengthening agent for our mind/body/soul.  If we are in transition toward a new “work” then the rock is much heavier and more reluctant to move, it requires greater effort to roll it.   As Camus says, the human struggle for success must be viewed as a positive experience, or else we may miss this opportunity for CHANGE and new direction.

FOR example, if work is meaningful to us, important and full of life, we can work to exhaustion and be happy!   If our "work" is lacking meaning, passion, drive, desire, then we are unhappy, full stop.  Your Self may tell yourself that now is the time you can let go of your rock as a burden, and perceive the hill as a goal:  a rise to the top.

MAKE your rock a work in progress, toward a meaningful effort!

THE difficulty of  "the work" is not the issue; it is our pleasure and satisfaction with the work we do - on many levels - that really has meaning.  Difficulty and effort with good work is actually deeply satisfying, because it brings perfection and worth, value and meaning!

THUS, I believe this is what this time of Saturn in square to Neptune (working the illusion, seeing things through a dark lens, working toward something that feels elusive, strangely removed, or simply boring AND has to change).  Back to rock rolling and Sisyphus:

SISYPHUS was a king of Corinth, and was known for his chronic deceitfulness and punished by having to roll a massive rock up a hill, only for it to roll down again - punished to pointless effort and work . . . oh, dear . . . 

WELL, that is the myth and myth is full of variants . . . thus myth is powerful in its capacity to resonate deeply with any kind of human condition.  We may not be chronically deceitful, but we may fool ourselves into thinking we are doing what we should be doing, and then falling into a depression or an existential fugue.

AT this time, now, many people are involved in making huge efforts to change their "work"  . . . not to escape it, but to make it meaningful, to engage wholly in effortful and good hard challenge . . . full of life, and product.  

MY clients have been focussed on themes of 'overcoming', 'being attentive to meaningfulness', finding ways to evolve their vocation.  For instance . . . if one has a vocation, it will always shape-shift and because one MUST follow the command/"call" - vocare – and one has to make conscious effort to hear that call especially when it is saying "CHANGE" the way you work your calling.  

ALSO people are talking about extreme exhaustion . . . and yet, have not been exhausted in the past by exactly what they are doing NOW.so what has happened that one is now exhausted when before was elated?  Explore that one!

IN current times, many clients, friends, myself, have been dealing with Sysiphean rock rolling . . . up the hill, down the hill and back up again!  This is not necessarily that you haven’t been engaged in meaningful work, however it may well mean you may not experiencing it in a remunerative or 'payback' way, a deeply meaningful spiritually and soulfully way.    

TRANSITS  'collude' with our life, in perfect synchrony with the archetypal underpinning:  naturally, I see themes in transits - Saturn is about hard work - labor durus - and Neptune can be enervating, sucking out the energy from the "work".  Result? Tired.  If you perceive this as an important message from yourself, you will not be so exhausted, relentlessly pushing the boulder up the hill . . . rather, it is time for us to take a perspective shift, and see out how better to do the work.  Same work, maybe, different perspective!!! 

WHEN Saturn retrogresses, steps ‘backward’, it is a four-month period to look at where you have placed your own efforts.   Perhaps going back over your own history, and see where you have been SUCCESSFUL   - not the failure part, but the moment in time when you were high and thrilled with your work and its meaning.   

SATURN will turn direct on 3 August 2015, at 28d Scorpio . . . this begins the reorientation toward a new way of living and being . . . the rock becomes a goal, not a punishment, and by the time it passes over the degree at which it stationed, 4d Sagittarius, November 9th, that which has been in gestation for about 9 months (From March through November) is ready to be born! 

THE 1st-century BC Epicurean philosopher, Lucretius, interprets the myth of Sisyphus as personifying politicians aspiring for political office who are constantly defeated, with the quest for power, in itself an "empty thing", being likened to rolling the boulder up the hill.    

YOU may read that as a contemporary news broadcast . . .  “Leader of the 'party', assumes major task, against all odds, with a godlike power stance, with no foresight and it causes disaster” . . . this sort of thing.  The punishment for Hubris by Zeus is “atÄ“” – he takes one’s wits away!  Sound familiar?  So, we live in times of great Hubris and payback . . . Sisyphean flights of imagining great things, but doing nothing.

SO my friends, see if there is a new way to be ecological with your self . . . recycle yourself!  Look at your work and see how you can ramp it up so you are challenged, not burdened.  See that you are properly “used” not abused, and where you may have been fooling yourself into thinking there was no other way.  People like to be used well, they do not like to be used badly . . . 

THERE IS another way.   Find where you may be “looking through a glass darkly” now that Saturn has just retrogressed back into Scorpio (still square Neptune, mind you) for a few more months . . . you can use this time to “be there then” – to live in your already made future!

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