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Hello friends, and Welcome to Gemini - a bit Late, due to Mercury Retrograde - I am not one to blame anything on planets, however . . . in this case I'll call it a cosmic collusion!

This being the entry of the Sun into Gemini, your free download is here for you! And, enjoy the Mercury Retrograde Article, especially with its cycle now in the AIR element!

Mercury SRx May 18 ttMT @ 13°Gemini 08'
Mercury SD> Jun 11 201 5 22:34 04 GMT@ 4° Gemini 34'

Mercury turned Retrograde on the 18th of May, and will station direct on the 11th of June – in the Air cycle – lots to think about and talk about and learn! This includes me, of course, and preparing for the "Archetypal Psychological Astrology in Practice" course. Doing the power points and re-collecting all my mythology and its relationship to the origins of the archetypal underpinnings of the Family of Planets in our solar system is stimulating and a joy.


Mercury moves to the inferior conjunction at 8 - 9º Gemini with Sun on May 30th ( it is a "new Mercury" - akin to the new Moon in the Lunation cycle)

. . . And, this is not a bad thing. Mercury Retrograde is the most famous of all astrological activity - everyone now knows about it, and comments on it - the stories of things 'going wrong' are abounding at this time - including my story of the "Late Newsletter"


The "new Mercury" occurs when it is in a conjunction between earth and Sun - as Mercury passes between us and the Sun in its orbit - it represents a time when something new is secretly seeded in this intimate meeting with Helios and Hermes. (n.b. both Mercury and Venus only form conjunctions with the Sun: two kinds: Inferior and Superior - when each of them are either between us and the Sun or on the other side of us with the Sun in between).


It is a time of conception, something of great value relative to our relating, our ideas, thoughts, projects and thinking functions at this time is being formed in its most primitive state . . . Mercury does move quickly - fleet of foot - ideas come and go, so it is important to allow that to occur in your mind with grace, so you don't become overwhelmed and thus, confused! Let it happen.

When Mercury Stations Direct - June 11/12th at 4º Gemini - it will appear to move much more quickly, and within 9 - 12 days of turning Direct, Mercury then becomes "Mercury Prometheus", the early morning star, leading Sun to rise!

Mercury then becomes the representative of the god of wisdom, brilliance, and foresight: Prometheus has the mythic role of bringing humanity intelligence (one hopes).

The Station Direct is the time when Mercury reaches 28º its furthest distance from the Sun, in its cycle . . . So, around the 22nd June, we have Mercury rising just before the Sun, and all you early risers can see this majesty of the Promethean Mercury - bringing with him, the fire-light to our minds . . . clarity, motivation and reclaiming personal volition for acts of forward motion.

The Titan, Prometheus, stole fire from the Sun, so to give to humanity (forethought, intelligence and knowledge) in the ancient myths.

The Mercury cycle at this phase, reenacts this ritual, by bringing us to a place of mystery to a place of light . . . Mercury is closest to the Sun at this time, now, at inferior conjunction - and it has three of these cycles in a year . . . being in Air signs for these next three cycles, it is about the mind, relationships, and collective collaboration. Not only Air signs, but Mercury itself, is about communications, relating, collaborating, productivity in creativity and bringing those qualities into the light of day.

So do enjoy your gestation period, and the birth of ideas emerging very soon!

You can read more about Retrograde Mercury HERE.

Photo of Prometheus in NYC: Robert Currey

I am very excited about my Webinar Course that began on Sunday, 24th June.

If you haven’t already, you can read the full Syllabus HERE. And, you may still join the classes at this time, and you will receive the first two classes audio/visuals mp4 and will be registered for the first two Modules . . .

“The latest incarnation of Oedipus, the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast stands this afternoon on the corner of 42d Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change." Joseph Campbell

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