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The Global Equinox

The Equinoctial points – Spring Equinox March and Autumn Equinox September - where the day and night are of equal length is a global experience – marking equal day and night all around the world. And it is seen the crux of the infinity symbol in the solar year photo . . .

The other phenomenon occurring at this Equinox is a total eclipse of the Sun less than 13 hours before the Aries Equinox:

A total eclipse at an equinox is rare, and adds 'more' to our celestial information input thus impacting our energy level – which can be experienced as both exhausting AND highly energizing.

The sun will be totally obliterated around the North Polar region at 29º 27' Pisces March 20th at 9:46 a.m. GMT, and the Sun then enters Aries March 20th at 10:46 p.m. GMT that night. There are many sites online for you to view the eclipse and its path.

In the analemma image below, you can see Sun's movement over the course of a full year, and the infinity symbol it creates as the weeks pass. As before mentioned the crux of the ∞ is the equinoctial point.

Erin Sullivan Solar Year


Saturn Retrograde


  1. Saturn Stationed Retrograde (Srx) at 4º 56' Sagittarius on March 14th (at 15:03h GMT)
  2. Saturn will Sd> (Station direct) August 3, at 28º 17' Scorpio.
  3. Saturn will then pass back over by direct motion the degree at which it Srx. on November 9, 2015 (4º 56' Sagittarius) fulfilling its 8.5-month cycle of conception, gestation and birthing phase.

Erin Sullivan Saturn Retrograde


So What Does This Mean For Me?

The period between the retrograde station and the full cycle back to its passing over that degree is about 8.5 months – a gestation cycle – deeply embedded in the psyche as a insemination, gestation and birth cycle: 

The myth of Kronos swallowing his children (with the significant exception of Zeus/Jupiter!) is an apt mythological imago of “swallowing one’s own creative issue”.   The immediate psychic response is to freak!   Oh NO I have lost my direction, my faith, my brilliance, my productivity, my motivation, and so on are not unusual moods at the Station Retrograde and for about 3 weeks following . . . However authentic those feelings are, try not to dwell in this zone of pathos.  Give in; give it up and give all to the higher power within you and you will feel the seed within as it matures over the 8.5  month cycle.   It is typical to be impatient, annoyed, depressed, worried and so forth, but allow those feelings to flow through, not stick to your soul.  

Marsilio Ficino called “being under Saturn” the “scholar’s disease”, a time to wear white, propitiate Apollo, to eat “gold” – aurum – the alchemical magnum opus of turning “lead into gold” is also an image to hold: the result of turning lead/Saturn into the Sun – gold/aurum, is to give power to your own solar individuation process, and transmute your Saturnian de-pression – the prima materia – into the gold of the ultimate work. 

Transmutation is the ultimate goal – it never will be perfect, perfection is sought, but never achieved.  That is part of the magnum opus, the great work.  It is a work, not a completion.   But it will be good enough . . . much better in fact, that had you forced the idea, project, action or goal at the Station Retrograde period.

Retrograde motion, remember, is an Earth-centric view  . . . hence, by looking to the Sun, we realize that it is all symbolic motion it is about turning ego-centricity into geo-centricity. We live on earth, and all planetary motion as we see it is apparent, not actual.  Saturn did not screech to a halt and move backward . . . but we only perceive it thus!  

Now, not all of you will be stuffed with suppressed brilliance, but to some degree all of you will feel varying degrees of discomfort, of being ‘held back, waiting, having a creative / working situation on ‘hold’, plans being apprehended with no apparent continuation . . . and so forth.  Boredom is also possible, but not productive.

From my own experience and the research, these Saturn Rx cycles are a most significant time in the year for your creative life.  You may come to realize, that whatever it is that has been suspended, delayed, even rejected, is being done so for a purpose. 

The purpose is:
The growing seed is not ready to be birthed – we do not want a premature delivery.   We have Saturn Rx – SD> every year, so look back on the last time, and the last time before that . . . and more, to see your own evolution during those cycles.  

The degree and sign (tropical Sagittarius) in which it does Station Rx and then SD> will have personal messages, and in that it is possible that the retrogression of Saturn from Sagittarius back into Scorpio for several months, there is a sense of deflation and global anxiety.  You may move from optimism to skepticism, even if it is not contacting (which is highly unlikely) a personal planet in your natal horoscope.

So: What does this mean to you?
Check to see where Saturn is stationing and retrogressing in your chart by house . . . the house in which it is reviewing is the house in which you must perform some ritual toward self-actualization and spiritual growth.   Breaking bad habits, for instance; developing a stronger sense of personal worth; discipline where laziness has set in; finding your authenticity, your authority and your authorship of your own ‘work’.

That Saturn moves back into Scorpio infers that something dark left undone now must be fully faced, and dealt with.  You may need to revamp your plans, your project/s, your way of relating to people; negative or unhealthy habits, addictions whether behavioral or otherwise; your way of relating to your own sense of ‘incompleteness’; how do you shoot yourself in the foot, would you like to stop that?  The Saturn cycle is an ideal time to break old patterns, and to begin, step by step, consciously, to alter them to the highest degree possible.  Be baldly honest with yourself, in the privacy of your own mind, or in the temenos of a therapeutic relationship.

These are just a few snips from the spectrum of transmuting your Lead into Gold, your “base material” to the “highest Self”.

Celestially yours,

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