Erin’s Approach

Beyond Psychology

Being an Individual in a Global Society

Erin Sullivan on Contemporary Astrology
Erin Sullivan calls her worldview through astrology “Whole System Astrology”. It is a highly contemporary way of looking at the world and oneself within it, using one of the oldest living traditions in the world.

Erin’s consulting work is distinctive because she integrates many realms of expertise. These areas not only include her thorough technical and interpretive astrological knowledge with its unique perspective, but also her background in archetypal psychology and classical myth, her world travel as well as her rich wealth of personal experience. Forty some years of horoscopy has made her more sensitive to how unique each one of us is.

Her intent for herself and for her clientele is to enhance conscious living and self-perception; to become more conscious of what one small person can do in a very large world. The astrology of humanity instills awareness of one’s relationship with one’s environment and its people. Her focus and skills lie in working with people in all stages of transition and critical turning points, as well as those seeking a profound reflection of their life, and confirmation of their innate knowledge.

Astrology literally translates as “word from the stars” – the planets, the rhythm of the solar system from earth view is an elegant psychology [“word of the soul”] in itself – it is the oldest living tradition based in the cosmic environment around the earth. The poet, Robert Bly, called astrology “the great intellectual triumph of the Mother civilization.” Indeed, it is time we took back the sky, and embedded it into our mind, body and soul.

Over the past forty or so years, Erin’s work has grown a multi-cultural, international clientele from myriad backgrounds and lifestyles, and the horoscope reflects each person’s deepest inner intent and the timing of stages of development. There is a sense of freedom with this information, because it never fails to confirm what one knows instinctively, and clarify the priority of issues in one’s life. Because of this “country doctor” type of practice and individual focus, Erin has clients that have been consulting with her for many years on an ongoing basis.

Erin is a technical expert and author of several books in print, countless articles, and a world renowned lecturer and teacher. This knowledge simply informs her ability to work with all types of people and allows her bring out the necessary tools as they are needed for each individual consultation. No moment in time is the same, the planets never repeat the same whole system configuration, so there is no one person who is an astrological ‘type’. There are only individuals with a unique purpose.

Each one of us is a vital cell in the body of global humanity. Erin’s counseling work illuminates the individual’s place within the collective, and his or her level of responsiveness to the macrocosmic ethos and actions.

This phase in known history is globally turbulent, and we are all profoundly aware of it. It is an anxious era of epochal transition; not only are we all meeting a world which is in massive change, but also we are meeting ourselves in new ways, in order to become the best human being we can be, under some of the most arduous circumstances.

Astrology moves us far beyond structured, man-made, modular psychology, since it illuminates the individual person and his or her core self as well as the context in which his or her life is being lived. Consultations that incorporate collective psychology and the individual in the collective of global social trends help one ‘sort out’ what is an and individual complex, say, from what is, in fact, a global or cultural complex imposed upon one by the spirit of the times.

Ultimately, the planetary system in which we exist, is a perfect model of all of life in its molecular structure . . . and the planets are agents for the psyche and self . . . they reflect archetypal agencies that are inherent in all of nature, thus in all of us collectively AND individually. It is the actual horoscope that makes personal and individual that which is a collective experience . . . thus, by working with our own horoscope we can be in harmony with our inner self and outer life.

The solar system proves to be a prototype of all systems: the family system, the social system, the cultural system, the entire function of life itself, but most fascinating is Erin’s “whole system” approach to the horoscope and the individual. With compassion, a touch of wisdom, humour and knowledge, astrology becomes a workable system for her clients.