Erin’s Philosophy About Astrological Consulting: 

Individuation is Never Complete


Round image of Erin SullivanAll astrological consultations are recorded for you if you wish and saved to CD or mp3. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all pre-booked appointments.

A thorough exploration of your horoscope can be one of the most profound experiences in personal validation and self-awareness.

Astrology is planetary consciousness . . . and speaks a psychology inherent in itself, which is highly sophisticated and unique to each individual and his or her horoscope.

Solar system individuation is realizing that we are a system in motion and growth, changing and evolving, never the same from moment to moment, yet we have a foundational archetype that remains our ‘constant’ – a kind of solar focus.

This archetypal foundation is the basis of mind, body and soul.  Increasing our consciousness to include this ‘whole system’ way of thinking helps reduce natural existential angst and promotes better relations between our mind, body and soul.

Erin’s new clients say it is a relief to “be seen” and to be validated in both light and shadow . . . and guided toward their own decisions and directions. And, her ongoing, returning clientele always learn more each time, about how to live within their own dimensions and not someone else’s!

Knowing the context of your life as it is being experienced, its limits and its potentials, as well as where it may be leading, is an exceptional tool.

With that in mind, gently and clearly, Erin’s counseling astrology work will assist you in your process of individuation – by clarifying who you are, and supporting your continuing growth toward who you are meant to become, according to your chart and its progress.

Erin’s experience tells her:

  • truth is better than deception
  • to be consciously participating in our own life is best and feels great
  • having an active agreement with our Self to try to live honestly is desirable
  • seeking and finding growth in our self is ideal
  • working on our self is mandatory and produces immediate results
  • writing a truly individual and personal real-life story is a joy
  • both pain and loss are part of our life
  • clarity, understanding, and acceptance is the best way of dealing with pain, grief and loss
  • comprehending your relationship within your world and accepting yourself within your limits means you become successful in your own right.
  • and, most importantly, sometimes there is no ‘meaning’ or healing to be had from an experience, but there can be understanding and compassion toward self and life.


Ninety Minute Session- Fee: $345 US Dollars
An in-depth counseling perspective on your personal, emotional, psychological and developmental experience, as well as the pragmatic aspect of daily living – work, vocation, relationships, families events, transitional stages and turning points. One’s experiences – both inner and outer – are always clearly seen in perspective through one’s horoscope. The session includes areas of current concern focusing on transits and progressions outlining timing and trends for the next year or so. The ‘big picture’ – long-range timing and forecast – for major projects such as schooling, relocating, personal development, et cetera, is also addressed. Sessions are taped for clients to keep and review at later periods.


This can focus on timing, trends, special interests or depth analysis into areas of concern – to pick the best times for events, projects, new-starts or assess a particular situation. Generally, this is for existing clients who have had in-depth work within the previous year.


EXTRA CHARTS- $45 US Dollars  
Any extra charts included in an individual consultation (e.g. boss, spouse, children, parents, lover).

Can be arranged at the same fees by appointment and are fully taped and mailed the same day.

Couples / Relationship Astrology

Ninety Minute Session – Fee: Base Rate $345 then with 2 or 3 people: $445
This consultation involves the use of each individual’s horoscope and the composite horoscope – the ‘meeting place’ between each person and their astrological compatibility . Each person appreciates more his or her own individuality, as well as the dynamics of the relationship itself; thus, honoring the relationship as a enlivened and independent entity, with its own demands, needs, and ways of supporting each person. The relationship is a container for the process of individuation of each person, and the union is profound and unique. The composite horoscope and synastry is the best way to gain objectivity, respect for, and clarity in relationships of all kinds.

Astrology of Family Dynamics

FAMILIES – Extended and Immediate – Fee: negotiable. 
The fees are negotiable because of the variety of possible combinations. One’s perspective on one’s family can be seen in the natal horoscope and is generally addressed from that perspective in a regular session. However, to explore the horoscopes of specific family members, genealogical patterns, dynastic threads and family dynamics we would need to assess what is best in your specific situation. Please phone or email to discuss your needs and what to expect and discover. Groups and small collectives, such as a team or board can be analyzed for its unconscious intent. (vis: The Astrology of Family Dynamics. Weiser Books).

Corporate and Business Astrology

HOURLY RATE – Fee: $350 US Dollars
Erin works with horoscopes of corporations and private businesses. For individuals in small business to major corproate groups, astrology is the new-old way of analysing trends, projecting goals, vision statements, advertising times, relocation and branch/franchises as well as personnel placement and career projections. Quarterly reports, monthly analysis ahead, themes and design for companies; timing for expansion, cut-backs, advertising outreach, and so on. Business ventures are as viable as the people in them and the ideas that created them — astrology is a proven trend analysis. Erin has worked with many businesses from small stores/shops to global enterprises. Clients have included publishing, network marketing, Clothing Companies, vitamin and nutraceutical company, banks, and analysis of individuals’ best talents in a given vocational direction.

Relocation / Travel Astrology

Astro*Carto*Graphy maps can be ordered through Erin, and interpreted in-depth along with the natal horoscope and transits. This is an invaluable aid to relocation and travel. No matter where we go, there we are, but the A*C*G map shows what part of us is more at work and, thus, highlighted and accentuated in various cities and countries. This is a profoundly remarkable tool and has beeen one of contemporary astrology’s major inventions (A*C*G maps created by Jim Lewis).

Lectures / Workshops

Erin is available for lectures, workshops and special presentations for groups of all kinds and size.  She is also available for media presentations and interviews.  Her lectures/talks span the highly technical astrology for which she is well known in her field, through the philosophical and psychological aspects of the individual and collective psyche.  The degree of astrological terminology used is entirely dependent on the group! She is quite experienced at tailoring material to specific audiences, including schools – slide presentations with myth and astrology interwoven are popular with kids of all ages. Please contact Erin by e-mail at, or phone her at (1) 505-780-8445.

Erin Accepts Visa/MC or electronic transfers.

Erin’s SKYPE: erinsullivanwork