Bedtime for Bonzo

Ronald Reagan AstrologyRonald Reagan's term on this planet is almost up. Out of the public eye for some time, he's back in the news these days because his would-be assassin's long leash from confinement is getting longer. John Hinkley has exceptional privileges in custody that allow him considerable freedom. Reagan's daughter, Patti Davis, wrote an article in Time (April 17, 2000) that made an emotional plea to keep him locked up. However, there is more to Reagan than being a surviving president. His conservative, “family values” policies, shown clearly in his natal chart, are part of U.S. history now.

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Russia Elects Libran Leader

Vladimir Putin AstrologyVladimir Putin (pronounced Poo-teen) was born with four planets in Libra , all of which form a square aspect (90-degree angle ) to the planet Uranus . For a nation so out-of-balance, it is fascinating to see the astrological symbol for the scales—Libra—personified so specifically in the new president of Russia. The fact that it will take a form of soft revolution to strike a balance in new Russia is what Putin is all about. From a silent, gray, non-descript shadow in the earliest days of his career, he has arrived at his new position, and is emerging with a sense of self-confidence, calm power and an apparent vision for the Russian future.

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Madonna, Mighty Aphrodite

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The ongoing evolution of Madonna finds her in love, and with a new baby on the way. Happiness may well be here for the mother of self-invention, and a measure of security along with it—something that she has managed without, but longs for within. Madonna's horoscope has two outstanding features: one that symbolizes the original meaning of “virgin mother,” and the other that embodies her Aphrodite image. Those two characters may seem at odds—the goddess of love and the virgin mother—but for Madonna, it works...

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Hilary: By Herself

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Most people have strongly polarized feelings about Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is either admired as immensely strong, or else thought a total fool. However, whomever the woman really is, she has forced the American public to examine seriously their own values, and has acted as a mirror to the women and marriages of the world.

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Terence McKenna: Modern Shaman

Article first published June 25, 2000 on StarIQ

Terence McKenna AstrologyTerence McKenna was one of the great explorers of consciousness, and of the wild Earth. His relationship both with the psyche and anima mundi (world soul) was unique. He was a man of fabulous intellect, with the capacity to articulate in a rational manner the behaviors and experiences of the non-rational mind. Famous for his explorations of the inner world of psychedelics—primarily those arising naturally in the flora of Earth—he was also a fearless traveler into the regions of the world where shamanic use of various psychotropic drugs is ethical and employed with reverence toward the gods who provided them.

Terence traveled to the Colombian Amazon, and from that experience in 1971, wrote True Hallucinations in 1993 for Harper Collins. This is his primary work in transcendental experiences. McKenna's horoscope, even on the most superficial level, describes the archetypes that he lived out to the fullest, and even his early death shows as yet another exploration of unknown territory.

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Oprah: Finding Her Spirit

This article first published May 27, 2000 on StarIQ

Oprah Winfrey AstrologyYet another Oprah Winfrey project was launched on April 17. Her magazine, O, reaches more people and supports more staff! A great deal of Oprah's life-work is finding and making jobs for others, as well as shining the light on those who she feels bring life-lessons to the masses. However she can do it, her work is about bringing ideas and ideals to the broadest demographic she can create.

Aquarian Sense of Justice

Oprah Winfrey has the Sun and Venus exactly conjunct in Aquarius. A Sun-Venus conjunction is the archetypal female image—an earthy, sensual, practical, loving, nurturing, heroic feminine soul. This archetype is focused through the sign Aquarius, which defines that image further. Within that feminine soul, Oprah has a cool, crisp, humanitarian relationship with the world at large, but a highly selective, private relationship with the people in it.

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