JFK: Happy Birthday Mr. President

John F Kennedy

By Erin Sullivan
Originally published by Alan Oken’s Corner of the Universe 

B:  May 29, 1917, 3:00 pm, Brookline, MA
D:  Nov. 22, 1963, 12:30 pm, Dallas, TX

The horoscope of the United States’ thirty-fifth president is unique.  With all the planets above the horizon, except Uranus in Aquarius (which is a singleton retrograde planet) in his fourth house of family of origins, and family of creation his ultimate leadership in his family, “The Winner”. The Kennedy family remains the most politically influential family in the US, but JFK’s Uranus shows him to be the focus and living symbol of his eccentric, innovative, exclusive, paradoxical, and tragic pioneering family.  Uranus in its own sign is in a square to the Taurus planets in his eighth house, and with that came both opportunity and danger - Wu Chi in the Chinese symbol.  The family created a paradox in his nature, in that he was both an iconoclast AND a conservative.  The fact that he was the first President to be a non-Mason and Catholic was revolutionary, but some of his politics were old school.

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Einstein - The Astrology of Genius

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s horoscope has some classic scientist signatures! Visionary and sensitive Pisces is frequently in the mathematical/astronomical science if it is well contained, as is Einstein’s Sun in Pisces. For instance, Mercury (mind) is with Saturn (discipline, control and research) in pioneering Aries – he has the capacity apply his visions to practical outcomes and after a difficult early life, found discipline and gained authority in his science.

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The Astrology of Sophie Rhys-Jones and Prince Edward

Sophie and Edward AstrologyThe horoscopes of Sophie and Edward in comparison show an extraordinary amount of shared values and kinship, very much a sibling-like relationship. Though they are vastly different in their personal, daily habits, and instinctive, responsive natures, their variation is more complementary than irritating to them.

Sophie has a Virgo Moon, while Edward has an Aquarius Moon. . .

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Kurt Cobain - Voice and Victim of the Collective

See Kurt Cobain's Natal Chart CLICK HERE

Kurt Cobain Astrology Birth ChartThe Uranus/Pluto conjunction in 1966 and 1967 was the celestial dynamic that coincided with a global cultural and social revolution, active over a period of a couple years, but forever changing the world from post-war conservatism. Though the radicalization of consciousness was most immediately apparent in North American universities and youth culture,through their music, style and consciousness, within two years following the conjunction this historical phenomenon became global. The active participants in that cultural revolution of the mid nineteen-sixties, were the post-war babies, now called the Baby Boomers, the majority of whom were born immediate after the Second World War and had the Saturn Pluto conjunction - many with Mars therein - in their horoscopes.

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Donald Trump: Peter Pan in Midlife

Donald Trump AstrologyEvery fourteen years, Donald Trump considers settling down. In 1987 he made a pass at the Oval Office and by Election Day 2001, he will have flirted with it again. Mind you, this attempt at settling down has little to do with actually being the president, but more to do with raising funds as a presidential candidate can. Indeed, he will be able to reap many rewards from dallying at the threshold of the White House, primarily acquiring yet more virtual money.

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George W. Bush - can he win in 2001?

Like Father, Like Son

George Bush AstrologyIt is difficult to see George "Dubya" Bush without seeing his father—the forty-first president and once head of the CIA—standing, or perhaps I should say crouching, behind him, and his father before him as well. The father image in George W.'s horoscope—Saturn in Cancer—is represented by a large, maternal Kronos.

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