The Mountain Astrologer: Dec 2011/Jan 2012

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Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 ISSUE
Noel Tyl’s Midheaven Extension Process (MHEP)

The Midheaven Extension Process helps astrologers to accomplish a most important responsibility: profiling the profession most suited to an individual’s needs, as suggested by the horoscope. The Process is explained in great detail in my book, Vocations, and in the hundreds of examples on my Forum at, with weekly updates and editing of astrologers’ work with this Process. Simply explained, the key is to trace the Midheaven’s deeper orientation through the behavioral needs of an individual by establishing a dominant house point of reference. In other words, where does the Midheaven pick up reinforcement and development within the horoscope? It’s like in baseball where we see a left fielder throw to the shortstop, who in turn throws to the first baseman — they‘re all working together as part of a system. Likewise, in our study of a horoscope, we seek out networks of meaning and repetitive house references. This is accomplished through a consideration of nine factors: 

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The Mountain Astrologer: March 1995

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An Interview with Erin Sullivan
With Mary Plumb
The Mountain AstrologerMarch 1995 (Vol.  8 No. 3)
In this interview, conducted in Oxford, England, Erin discusses with Mary Plumb the social and educational differences of astrology on either side of the “Big Pond”;  she outlines the changes that astrology needs to experience to survive the millennium; she discusses the advent of Pluto in Sagittarius; her own work and ethics, especially in the writing of her classic breakthrough book, Retrograde Planets. 
 Her ideas, set down here in 1995 seem prophetic, and indeed, highly relevant today.

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