About Erin

Erin Sullivan with coral and turquoise necklaceErin Sullivan has been a consultant astrologer, author and teacher since the late 1960’s.

Erin has lectured worldwide and led astrology workshops and symposia on many aspects of human development using mythology, psychology and the rich language of astrology. Her sometimes radical and outspoken nature on issues of ethics, honesty, human rights, women’s rightful empowerment, ecology and the healing of and preservation of our planet, Gaia, has been a positive effect on her clients and friends.

Erin’s fresh, non-elitist approach to her vocation brings the profession of psychological and practical astrology into contemporary times, and to its rightful position – as something that one does for a living, as well as something others consider as a necessary adjunct to their life tools.

It is her unique view of the human condition that is outstanding. Her approach to astrology and the psyche is completely original. Her counseling is sensitive, deep, imminently practical and completely tailored to the individual or business client. She sees the outer world as an active mirror of the inner self, and the horoscope as an ideal reflection of both. This is her area of mastery – the personal, one-to-one consultation.

She has been called “the astrologer’s astrologer” and is one of the world’s most eminent consulting, writing and lecturing astrologers. Her forty-something years of astrology study and practice, her Classical Studies background and training in archetypal analytic psychology, cultural studies, global travel and love of people and their astounding personal creative survival capacity add a truly unique depth and breadth to her work.

Erin is an activist thinker, and promotes ecology, improving the power of women in the world, human rights and individual freedom . . . her work is threaded through with this profound belief, it is secreted in with all her writing and lectures . . . that all people have the right to be who they truly are, and by improving our self even a small amount, we thereby improve the collective by that much.

In the past, at The Cold Mountain Institute, and then, P.D. Seminars at Haven-by-the-Sea on Gabriola Island, in British Columbia, she facilitated original retreat workshops for greater self awareness, such as “The Gods Within and In Midlife,” and was the resident astrologer for the New Horizons Programs in the 1980s for the Cold Mountain Institute (now Hollyhock, on Cortes Island, BC.). She now teaches seminars at extension studies with “Green Learning Series” at Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC.

Erin has done a lot of media work in her life – radio, television, newspaper articles, magazines, numerous trade journal articles, video productions, et cetera. She created and produced her own three-tape set of astrology teaching CD’s (also available in video format), Astrology, Mythology and the Psyche, in 1984 – which are the only ones of their kind, and still available now – visit the Store to purchase this unique set.

Two groundbreaking productions in which she took active part and was featured on were: the CBC Man Alive! production Astrology – Ancient and Modern which aired in October 1988. She informed, helped with the research and appeared on the 1997 Discovery Channel astrology program Forbidden Knowledge, filmed by Café Productions in London, and which aired in North America, Australia and England.

Her company, formed in January 2002, Southwest Contemporary Astrology, published unique reports for over ten years, and now are being bought by a new company who will publish the. SCA also publishes Peter Pan in Mid-life, a posthumous book by Astro*Carto*Graphy master, Jim Lewis, written before his death in 1995 – Erin edited the final manuscript in 2001.

Canadian born, she has explored much of the world, and lived in several cultures. Her travel and work have taken her to various countries teaching and lecturing on astrology, psychology and myth. In 1989 Erin moved from Victoria BC, to London, England where she expanded her practice, taught in Germany, Zurich and South Africa, Australia, France, Germany and more.

She was a head tutor and clinical astrological supervisor for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London from 1989 through 2001. She and took on the position of Series Editor for Penguin Books’ prestigious “Arkana Contemporary Astrology Series” where she commissioned, supported, worked with and published some of the greatest astrological minds in the field.

As the author of six books, three with Weiser Books, and two with CPA Press, and her most recent (2005) The Astrology for Midlife and Aging, published by Tarcher/Penguin New York, her unique ability to synthesize and bring to astrology many disciplines without diluting astrology is known world wide. Her core system of astrology produced the groundbreaking work: Retrograde Planets – and has been reviewed as the book that brought retrograde planets into contemporary times after a 2,500 year gap. Erin calls it “her debt to astrology”.

Returning to North America in 1998 after a decade in the UK and teaching abroad, her work continues to evolve and grow along with culture and technology. Her website is a fount of wisdom and knowledge, much of the information is available to all for free. But, thre are over 135 mp3 downloads which comprise lectures from the 1980’s through to now. Her teaching is timeless, because it is based in the solar system and not a dogma or “school of thought”, her philosophy envelopes astrology as the bridge from humanity and the earth to the heavens and our own planetary home.

She currently has an active global counsel / astrology practice as well as keeping up with her work on her website which features videos, current events articles, ongoing upgrades in technology allowing for contemporary teaching. In 2010 Erin took part in the Australian based first online real time “Global Astrology Conference” . . . a first, and a terrific success, with many many speakers from all over the world, and many participants in real time!

In August of 2011, Erin was on Skype with the donation based, new, young, hip, NYC Manhattan Nightlight Astrology School, from her office in Victoria, BC, doing a two-hour, talk with visuals on “Retrograde Planets” for their students and attendees. She is as current and contemporary as our times, and her astrology is beyond borders and psychology!

Being considered an “elder” by the younger and new astrologers whom she fosters and supports is an honour she truly loves . . . and that threshold crossed, continues to be on the learning path, continuing to evolve her astrological work into continuing change and evolution of our planet and its peoples . . . people are her favourite things! And, her fascination with how the horoscope, astrology and all its permutations is so perfectly reflected in the psyche and body of the world and its individuals has never flagged.

Indeed, at this time, in 2011, she finds herself even more fascinated, challenged and humbled by her work as a consulting astrologer because of the planetary array, the ephochal transition, and all the upheaval in the that accompanies the rise of new archetypes and downfall of failing structures. This is even more a time to work with people to restore power to their core, find a way to become increasingly conscious and to make healthy decisions for their lives and the world around them.

As an author, Erin is an active member of The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC), and the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC). Her six books are in their libraries in Toronto, and other author based organizations are online, as well. She is a current member if ISAR astrology organization.

Erin maintains a full consulting practice – for her North American and global clientele, she uses Skype or telephone. All her consultations are recorded for the client. Visit the Consultations page for a full description of areas of specialty and practice.

She has two grown daughters, and three grandchildren and their families, whom are her heart and soul.