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Solar System Individuation MP3
Individuation means "becoming more of who you are" and, as such, means it is a work never 'done' . ...
Symbols of the Universal Self
Astrology lecture with Erin Sullivan at The Forum, Santa Fe, 2004. 40 min. Listen to a sample of th..
Taurus MP3
TAURUS - Fixed Earth Sign - Venus ruled. Studio recorded. MP3 Format. Makes a great gift. Listen to..
The Astrological Houses - Circuits of Development MP3
Erin explores the Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable signs and houses as Circuits of Development. 60 min. Includ..
The Astrology of Family Dynamics Workshop MP3
Based on Erin Sullivan's masterful and profound understanding of the astrology, psychology, archetyp..
The Astrology of Midlife and Aging in our New Epoch MP3
How do we undergo our midlife, our power years, our arrival to elderhood and age during times when t..
The Elements as Psycological Types MP3
Original astrological foundations lecture titled "The Quadruplicities - the Elements as psychologica..
The Elements MP3
The Astrological Elements - Fire, Earth, Air, Water - Elemental Motivation. A discussion of the elem..
The Justice of Zeus - Jupiter's Morality MP3
For a unique and well grounded view of Jupiter, this lecture tells the whole story of Jupiter as his..
The Mercury Retrograde Workshop MP3
Detailing the fascinating long-range pattern that Mercury Retrograde makes in its cycles. Mercury go..
The Planetary Archetypes MP3
From the "Learning Astrology" series on This 6-class workshop explores the pla..
The Planets in Transit Workshop MP3
A full exploration of the planets in Transit: The Identity Trinity: The Sun, Mercury and Venus - ..
The Progressed Lunation Cycle MP3
This talk was given by Erin in place of Dane Rudhyar who had passed away on Sept 13, 1985. Rudyhar w..
The Sighting of Outer Planets MP3
This 1999 lecture, recorded in Tucson, AZ, details the actual horoscopes of the outer planets: Uranu..
The Sun Sign Set
Join Erin on a walk through each of the 12 sun signs. Entire 12 sign set. MP3 Format. Studio recorde..