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The Planets in Transit Workshop MP3

The Planets in Transit Workshop MP3
Price: $75.00

A full exploration of the planets in Transit:

  • The Identity Trinity: The Sun, Mercury and Venus - never far apart, these three weave in and out of orb of each other, and as they transit, the describe your own personal "seasons"
  • The Transits of Mars - Finding drive, desire, passion, ambition and individuation . . . exploring your primal needs and ways to achieve them in "civilised" ways
  • The Transits of Jupiter - opportunities and openings; inflation and excess; refinement and deep understanding of ethics, beliefs and tribal relationships
  • The Transits of Saturn - developing a foundation; creating history; being authentic and authoritative; discipline as a meditation; formative years;parental relations
  • The Transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The Outer Planets in transit are the long-term, once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity to become truly more of one's own self. The myriad 'events' that may coincide with transits of these planets serve as the potential to increase in consciousness. In meeting the Fates as they apply their skills in weaving the fabric of our lives, they touch each natal planet with something different, and each one has an 18-month long cycle, which includes two retrograde phases . . . two gestation cycles, leading toward the birthing of a new "order" in your own self. Approx. 8 hrs. MP3 Format.

Listen to a sample from this workshop:

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