The Grand Trine Kite: Truth and Consequences


Kite Chart August 2013Many of you are aware of the major configurations forming over the last month and the next while.  All major configurations are augmented and intensified by the faster moving planets as they lock into the degree orbs of the major configuration in a rhythmic coherence.  For instance the moon is the fastest moving body in our solar system.  The moon  "rules" the masses, the people, tribal instinct, family structures and the parental archetype of leadership, politicians, and "heads of state".  So when the moon is in a Cardinal sign every seven days, it will illuminate the Uranus square to Pluto  . . . intensifying its underlying manifestation in both the global action and our own personal experience of this dynamic

A Grand Trine – However, right now we will focus on the Grand Trine .that forms a Kite complex . . . a grand trine is an equilateral triangle between planets formed against the backdrop of the zodiac -  and acts as  a "closed conversation" between the planetary archetypes involved and deeply secreted in the privacy of our own psyche, embedded in the unconscious. When we have a grand trine between planets, it can be a period allowing for profound contact with our interior Self, and offers the opportunity to circumambulate complexes.  In this way we can give birth to a deeper and more profound sense of our personal truth.  A grand trine is a tight collaboration that closes doors on external interference, and even the most extraverted personality will find she pulling in and not as socially motivated.  A more introspective  introverted individual can become too isolated, and thus needs to make more effort to find kindred spirits.

The grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune is still very much in orb, and highly effective as we can see by the global resonance of the great gods having a summit counsel – there is a secret in that trine, and that secret is manifesting both in our personal lives and the collective ethos.  The grand trine is operative as I write this – July through November 2013 between 4 degrees to 14 Cancer.  Jupiter will station retrograde 20 Cancer December 31 (out of traditional orb but still connected by sign and element) . . . and will station in March 2014 at 10 degrees of Cancer.  

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Venus – Dual Goddess: The Transit of Venus

Venus Dual Goddess

To supplement this article you may enjoy the Podcast Venus Retrograde and the Transit of Venus – a talk on KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio, with Marylyn LeBlanc.

Let’s begin with the Venus long cycle:

  • March 27th:  Greatest eastern elongation: 46° ahead of the sun (Venus in Taurus, sun in Aries) evening star – Venus Hesperos.
  • April 12th:  Venus at 7° Gemini (the degree at which it will station Direct on June 28
  • May 15th:  Venus Stations retrograde at 23° Gemini (exactly 30° behind sun)
  • June 6th: Inferior Conjunction AND the Transit of Venus in this year which reflects back on the June 8th, 2004 Transit of Venus!
  • June 28th: Venus Stations Direct (prograde) at 7° Gemini (exactly 30° ahead sun)
  • July 31st:  Venus passes 23° Gemini, the degree at which it Stationed Retrograde
  • Aug 15th: Greatest western elongation: 45.8° behind the sun (Venus in Cancer, sun in Leo) morning star – Venus Phosphoros.

Though the period of Venus being retrograde is 40 days, its full cycle is profound. Over a period of about 110 days, Venus will pass over 16° of the zodiac – three and a half months (half as long as the Mars cycle is).  

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The Elusive Neptune

Into The Mystic by Chez Beeper Bebe

Neptune was first observed by Galileo December 28, 1612, when it was zodiacally exactly conjunct Jupiter at 26° Virgo . . . however, Galileo thought it was a fixed star.  He did not know that Neptune was, in fact, stationary-retrograde on that very day, thus apparently motionless.  Also, he was seeing it with Jupiter, (both at 26° Virgo) a known “wanderer”, thus he could not have realized Neptune was a planet given the circumstances. Also, Neptune only covers a span of about 3 degrees every 18 months. Not a speedy pace.

Galileo observed Neptune, again, January 27th, 1613, but the cosmic shaman was thwarted both by the quality of his telescopes and the fact that Neptune was full into retrograde motion. At both sightings Neptune remained elusive to our collective consciousness, hiding in retrograde motion, disguised as a fixed star.

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Mars Retrograde 2005

The Retrograde cycles within the Mars Retrograde Cycle for August 2005 through February 2006

August 12th brings the most rare of all planetary retrogrades into full play once again in its 2 year 2 month (approx.) orbit of the sun. Mars’ complete retrograde cycle is from August 12th through February 4/5th of 2006 . Though Mars’ actual period in retrograde motion is from October 2nd 2005 through December, the full cycle occupies almost a full six months. Mars will remain between 8° Taurus and 23° Taurus, in this cycle, as it transits up to 23° Taurus, then stations retrograde back to 8° Taurus, where it stations direct, then forward again over those degrees to 23° Taurus. 

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Mars Retrograde 2003

A long, hot summer The Mars Retrograde Cycle for June through November 2003

This summer brings the rarest of all planetary retrogrades into full play. Mars’ complete retrograde cycle occupies the entire summer and autumn from June 18th through November 9th, Though its actual period in retrograde motion is from July 29th through September 28th, the approach to Mars’ station-retrograde, and its passing past the degree at which it did station-retrograde, occupies almost six months - that is one-half of the year - to fulfill.

Remaining in the first 10° of the sign Pisces for the entire six months of summer and autumn, it traverses forward, backward and forward again over those degrees. It first reaches 0° of Pisces on June 18th (the degree at which it will station-direct (Sd>) in November); then stations-retrograde (SRx) at 10° Pisces on July 29th; then stations-direct on Sept. 28th (at 0° Pisces).  Then, finally, moving on to complete the full cycle by November 9th, when it crosses back over the tenth degree of Pisces, which was its (its station-retrograde point in July).

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