Today’s Heresy is Tomorrow’s Status Quo

What began in August 2010 is now moving on toward a new comprehension of what we are, what we can do and how to do that.  An important juncture has arrived where we find ourselves in a cultural and global revolution – again.   

Individually each one of us is undergoing a colossal reorganization of values, beliefs, and organization and in the highest form, a relentless exploration of outmoded attitudes.  Our interior revolution is in perfect synchrony with the aspect and cycle of Uranus (foresight, observation and, ultimately, reformation/innovation) and Pluto (the unseen forces of the cosmos and the inner reaches of the psyche; globally Pluto plays out his role as Hades, the unseen one, the guardian of our most precious resources, both personal and planetary).

There are many challenges that our global transits present – still – but we all are now at the stage of the Uranus in Aries / Pluto in Capricorn square where we are no longer shocked, but have assimilated the first two years of the long-term aspect.  Uranus / Pluto cycles are one of longest of the outer planet global transits, and are historically associated with revolution (a turning around) and innovation (a radical development of new information and practical usage of new and necessary ‘tools’ . . . both for enhancement of personal life, and survival in the face of inevitable transformation of the ‘known’.

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EGYPT 2011 The Breaking of a Complex

Egypt revolution 2011

I have taken to calling our current world condition the First Global Guerrilla War (GGW1). .  . where, to greater good or ill, the rules of engagement are non-existent, the front line does not exist, there is no “enemy” or “ally”, there are no protocols being followed, thus leaving an open door to chaos.  Chaos is the genesis of all things.  It is a full void, in which all the elements of creation exist, but are not coherent.  As time evolves, the chaos begins to form small complexes of “order” (Gk. cosmos) and coherence, which constellate around a focus, self-generating a new formation of the old system.  We live in a self-generating universe, and thus, each of us, and the whole of the cosmos are in continual reformation, or revolution.

Today, we are far from a new order, far from a “day in which it will all be organized” . . . and deep in the mystery of metamorphosis.  And, because no moment is ever like another, we have neither model nor memory-chain to guide us.  It is a rich time for astrology, philosophy, sociology, ideology and other human/social orientated thinking, but it is alarming to our limbic brain . . . our emotional non-verbal brain.  And, it is “interesting times”, for sure.

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Tribalism in the Twenty-first Century


The transit of Pluto in Sagittarius, accompanied by the transit of Neptune in Aquarius for most of the same time period, and fortified by seven years of Uranus in Aquarius, heralded the early stages of a new pattern of tribalism that will likely underpin the true global society.1 When Uranus and Neptune conjoined in late 1980’s through mid-1990’s in Capricorn, traditional structures in all areas of collective activity were already in the chaotic stage of transition, and the advent of true global unity seemed impossible, but indeed, was already in formation.

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The Stars Have Voted

New York Times Op-ed February 3, 2004

SANTA FE, N.M. — If seeking the presidency is like reaching for the stars, then why not look to the stars — and the other heavenly bodies — for insights on the candidates. The Democratic hopefuls face seven primaries today. Here's what their astrological charts can tell voters about their character — and who may have a celestial advantage:

Wesley Clark was born on Dec. 23, 1944, with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Aries, two leadership and executive signs. He has a warrior signature: when civilized it indicates a master strategist; at its most martial, it is ruthlessly determined and messianic. For him, this year is an astrological rite of passage into elder status. His conservative Capricorn nature is now at its most rigorous, so what we see is who he is. Endowed with wit and a youthful nature, General Clark is a man's man. His horoscope shows him at a high point of achievement, having opportunities to be influential and willing to take what he can get.

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The Lightning-Struck Tower

Erin Sullivan takes a second look at the astrological significance of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US (written September 26, 2001).

"And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? The Second Coming." -- WB Yeats 1

The attack on September 11th of the World Trade Center is a complex, intricate and labyrinthine subject, filled with so many images that it will take as many astrologers as there are to elaborate on the myriad meanings underlying the event.

The data provided immediately after the attack by the Rodden Data Bank gave us the horoscope of Manhattan; the World Trade Center itself; the timing of the first strike and the second; the first collapse of the tower, then the second; and the chart of the Pentagon itself. The data are eloquent and explicit.

Making some sense of those data requires the muddiness of words and interpretations, but we are in that kind of world. Let's look at various perspectives on our times, and on some of the specifics of the attack on the World Trade Center.

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September 2001 Attacks

The kamikaze crashing of the World Trade Center, in such an ingenious, strategically brilliant fashion, indeed, is a major event - one which would take thousands of astrologer's individual data/delineations to bring to any sense of meaning.

My own thoughts and astrological observations are limited for the reason that we need to find meaning in the whole... and the 'event' we are looking at is one that has been coalescing for years - many, many years... but the 'small' picture has a flavour of Mars Rx in Sagittarius and SA•PL with JU !

My contribution in brief:

Refer to "Love and War in Times of Chaos: Mars Retrograde Cycles in 2001"

"What rough beast, its hour come round at last, now slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?".... -- WB Yeats -- "The Second Coming"

During the three days leading up to the attack, September 8 to 10, 2001, the final planning stages on the part of the attackers were in place, being monitored and measured and, ultimately enacted. On the 7th of September, the planet Mars passed back over the degree at which it had stationed-retrograde on May 12th. By the time the Wolrd Trade Center attack occurred, Mars had left Sagittarius after a sojourn of half the year!

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